• Co-founder James Dorris explains Odys Aviation's unique eVTOL design

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    When we first covered Odys Aviation (formerly Craft Aerospace) last
    September, we were struck not only by the impressive figures attached
    to it, but by its completely unique design. Where the vast majority of
    eVTOL designs are two-to-five-seaters aimed at the urban air taxi
    space, Odys put forth a nine-seat hybrid concept targeted at replacing fossil-burners on longer-range regional air routes, flying helipad to
    helipad to vastly cut down on total trip time by removing airports from
    the equation wherever possible.

    The range-extended hybrid system promises up to 200 miles (322 km) of
    totally emissions-free flight, or up to 1,000 miles (1,600 km) using a
    gas turbine generator for reduced-emissions flight. Its unique diamond
    box-wing airframe would cruise at 30,000 ft, at speeds up to 345 mph
    (556 km/h), making it significantly faster than most other designs.

    We were fascinated to learn that it won't be using redundant lift and
    cruise propellers, or tilting its wings or props, to achieve vertical
    takeoff and landing. Instead, the 16 props spaced out along its wings
    are rigidly mounted facing forward, and the aircraft will develop
    vertical lift at a standstill by extending large flaps from the back of
    each wing, to redirect the airflow and thrust from these props

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