• This startup wants you to test its latest flying machine

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    In an effort to bring personal flying machines to the skies, French
    inventor and former jet-ski champion Franky Zapata is taking invites
    for people to try out his latest flying machine - the JetRacer.  Meet
    the JetRacer  The JetRacer is a vertical take-off and landing (VTOL)
    aircraft powered by ten kerosene-fueled micro-turbo-jet engines.  The
    Zapata JetRacer Controlled by two joysticks, it's capable of a high
    degree of maneuverability, with a video of Zapata flipping and turning
    the aircraft at speed while flying over water.   Not Zapata's first
    rodeo Zapata crossing the English Channel Zapata's had a long history

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