• Cessna eCaravan Becomes Largest Electric Aircraft to Fly

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    Cessna eCaravan becomes largest electric aircraft to fly:

    magniX announced that it has completed its first flight with a modified
    Cessna Caravan, which was powered by magniX’s electric engine, the

    [...] On May 28, 2020, an electric Cessna eCaravan lifted off the
    ground powered by magniX’s propulsion system. The maiden flight was the
    fruit of hard labor to convert the aircraft from “its gas-guzzling,
    emission creating, old self, to an all-electric, low operating cost,
    clean aircraft,” according to the Australian company.

    However, the CEO of the company Roei Ganzarski noted that battery
    technology currently is only good for “ultra-short flights of 100 miles
    [160 kilometers – ed. note],” and that battery technology can only go
    up. The dirty and smelly brother of the eCaravan, meanwhile, can travel
    up to 1230 miles (1982 kilometers), states Cessna’s brochure about the
    9-seat Caravan.

    Even so, the eCaravan did not carry passengers on its maiden flight.
    Goznarski told the Seattle Times that the company “could not fit a
    person in that aircraft,” as there “was not even an attempt to put the batteries in a convenient place.” The aircraft in its current state is
    just a test bed, indicated the chief executive of the company.




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