• Crona Virus Measures

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    March 9, 2020

    [Translation follows.]

    Coronavirus infection does not cause cold symptoms with wet nose or
    cough with cold, but dry and rough cough, this is its simplest
    distinguishing symptom.

    The virus does not resist heat, and dies if exposed to temperatures
    greater than 78.8 F to 80.6 F (26-27) degrees, therefore during the
    day, it should be consumed abundantly hot drinks such as infusions,
    broths or simply hot water, these hot liquids neutralize the virus and
    are easy to ingest.

    Avoid drinking icy water or ice drinks (cubes) or snow for those on
    mountain (children).

    For those who can, sunbathe.-

    The coronavirus has a large size (diameter of 400-500 nanometers) so
    any scarf can stop it, no need in daily life special beards.-

    When the virus is on metal surfaces it survives nearly 12 hours,
    therefore metal surfaces such as, doors, appliances, transportation
    handrails etc., should be washed well and disinfected with alcoholic

    The virus can live nested in clothing and tissues between 6 and 12
    hours, common detergents can exterminate it; elements that cannot be
    washed daily are recommended to be exposed to the sun and the virus
    will die.

    As it manifests:
    The virus is installed first in the throat causing inflammation and
    dryness feeling this symptom can last between 3 and 4 days

    The virus travels through moisture present in airways, goes down to
    the trachea and installs in the lungs causing pneumonia that lasts
    about 5 or 6 days.

    Pneumonia manifests itself with high fever and breathing difficulty,
    not accompanied by the classic cold but there may be a feeling of
    drowning. In this case the doctor should be called immediately.

    The virus survives in our hands only about 10 minutes but in that time
    many things can happen, rub your eyes, touch your nose, -to set an
    example- this allows the virus to enter your throat. Therefore for our
    good and the good of all, wash your hands very often and disinfect

    Gargles can be gargled with disinfectant solutions that remove or
    minimize the amount of viruses that can enter the throat; doing this
    will remove it before it goes down to the trachea and then into the

    Disinfect PC keyboard and mouse. The wheel of the car.

    The new coronavirus NCP might not give signs of infection for many
    days, before which you can't tell if a person is infected. But when
    the fever or cough manifests and goes to the hospital, lungs are with
    fibrosis by 50 %, it's too late!!

    Taiwan experts suggest doing a simple verification every morning:
    Deep breath and hold your breath for 10 seconds. If achieved, without
    coughing, without difficulty and / or feeling of oppression etc., this
    shows that there is no fibrosis in the lungs, indicating the absence
    of infection. It is necessary in these critical times to do this
    control every morning in an atmosphere with pure air.

    These are serious and excellent advice from Japanese doctors who treat COVID-19. We must all make sure that our mouth and throat are always
    wet, never DRY; you should drink a sip of water at least every 15
    minutes BECAUSE, even when the virus enters the mouth, water or other
    liquids will wash it through the esophagus directly to the stomach
    where gastric acids destroy the virus; if you do not drink enough
    water on a regular basis, the virus can enter the trachea, and from
    there to lungs; it's very dangerous.

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