• Flat Earther ‘Mad Mike’ Killed In Homemade Rocket Crash

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    Flat Earther ‘Mad Mike’ Killed In Homemade Rocket Crash
    Russ Niles February 23, 202010

    Video: https://youtu.be/zZOXh_GB9sc

    Michael “Mad Mike” Hughes was killed in the crash of his homemade
    steam-powered rocket Saturday in California. It was the second launch
    for Hughes in his mission to prove the Earth is flat by eventually
    taking photos of the lack of curvature of the planet from space.
    Hughes, 64, launched from the desert northeast of Los Angeles about 2
    p.m. and the flight lasted about 20 seconds when the rocket crashed
    nose first at high speed.

    As the rocket launched, the recovery parachute separated from the
    rocket. The craft arced to the right before reaching about 1,000 feet
    and then plummeting to the ground. The Science Channel was covering
    the launch as part of its series Homemade Astronauts. Medical
    personnel were on hand for the launch and reached the crash site
    immediately but there was no chance of survival.

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