• 270-Minute Hydrogen Fuel-cel Poweredl Drone

    From Larry Dighera@21:1/5 to All on Sun Feb 18 07:34:32 2024
    Video: https://youtu.be/EpfHQnwUM5Y

    MMC Skylle 1550H is a Hexa-copter hydrogen fuel-cell drone equipped with the latest hydrogen fuel power system. It has an extended flight time of up to
    270 min.

    Full carbon fiber design brings the performance to a more stable and
    reliable level. Positioning accuracy is up to 1cm with an optional RTK
    system. The lightweight frame is easy to detach, making it extremely
    portable and easy to repair on the go if required. With a plug-and-play connector for payload attaching and Gimbal controlling, the drone is
    compatible with different payloads. The applicable fields covered include survey, mapping, inspection, public security, aerial photography, and

    learn more about MMC Hydrogen Fuel Cell System: http://www.mmcuav.com/portfolio-items...
    Contact: yangpeiliang@mmcuav.com

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