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    On 02 Feb 2022, Wendy <wendynow@gop.org> posted some news:ste8ph$41l$5@dont-email.me:

    Next they will put that stupid whore Kamala Harris in charge of the

    It might be time to stop flying those friendly skies, America: The FAA
    has gone all-in on DEI.

    The agency charged with overseeing airlines, plane makers, airports and
    every other aspect of civil aviation in America has undertaken a
    diversity push meant to bring in workers whose inborn limitations make
    them plainly unsuitable for high-stakes, high-pressure roles.

    The full list of disabilities targeted “for special emphasis in
    recruitment and hiring” includes “severe intellectual disability,”
    “psychiatric disability” and a whole host of other ailments.

    You read that right: The severely intellectually disabled and the psychiatrically disabled (that’s a euphemism for crazy) will now be
    involved in making sure that planes don’t hit the ground or each other.

    Worse still, the agency won’t even say which jobs these targeted hires
    will be doing, responding with opaque babble when pressed for comment on
    just where a severely intellectually disabled person fits into the
    overall org chart.

    Given the recent Alaska Airlines almost-disaster due to a faulty plane
    from full-bore-woke Boeing and the troubling string of near-misses at US airports — to say nothing of the other issues plaguing air travel, from
    unruly passengers to cascading delays — the FAA needs to be pushing to
    hire only the best and brightest.

    Not handing out pity gigs to check identity boxes.

    That’s what this plainly is, by the way.

    If a disabled candidate can do a given job — and many of them can! —
    there’s no reason they’d need a special, targeted program to get hired.

    It’s why a shrill activist class, when anyone points out the obvious
    wrinkles of such a program, takes to X and TikTok to denounce them as
    ableist, sexist or worse — as happened to Elon Musk when he slammed
    Boeing for its safety failures.

    These people have no argument beyond finger-pointing.

    DEI pushes have deeply corroded America’s education system and played
    havoc with its financial markets.

    In response, the private sector seems to be pulling back on DEI, but the
    feds still seem to be full speed ahead — unable even to realize that
    putting lefty orthodoxy before safety in the skies is utter madness.

    https://nypost.com/2024/01/16/opinion/faa-diversity-push-puts-woke-ideas- ahead-of-americas-safety/

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