• Lilium has announced that it will be offering the first eVTOLs for priv

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    Now you can own your own eVTOL, if you're crazy rich
    By Michael Franco
    October 20, 2023

    Lilium's eVTOL is now ready for take off in the commercial market


    Got a pilot's license? That and a cool ten mil will let you take off
    vertically then soar horizontally through the sky with Lilium's sleek electric-powered craft, which is now on sale in the US market. It represents the first time eVTOLs have been offered commercially.

    Electric take off and landing vehicles (eVTOL), which are kind of like passenger drones, are coming on strong in the commercial sector. In 2021, UK-based Halo ordered 200 of the machines made by Eve, a spin-off from Brazilian aerospace conglomerate, Embraer https://newatlas.com/aircraft/halo-eve-evtol-air-mobility-service/ . As of 2023, there were 2,770 backorders for Eve vehicles, bearing a total value of
    US $8.3 billion, according to Valor International.

    Earlier this year, Tokyo-based SkyDrive announced a production deal with
    Suzuki to begin manufacturing its two-passenger eVTOL in early 2024. And
    just days ago, the Joby S4, equipped with 16 propellers, received clearance
    to begin work as a commercial air taxi in China.

    A major player in this space, that we've covered extensively here, is German-based Lilium. Instead of using the large rotors seen on other eVTOLs,
    or the cyclorotor concept unveiled by Austria-based CycloTech earlier this month https://newatlas.com/aircraft/lilium-azul-sale/ , it uses a series of small ducted fans for both vertical and horizontal propulsion. The tech,
    termed ducted electric vectored thrust, or DEVT, has been a big win for the company, as our recent interview with Lilium co-founder, Daniel Wiegand
    points out. In fact, Lilium signed its own major commercial deal with
    Brazil's third largest domestic airline, Azul, in 2021. That contract was
    for the delivery of 220 units and was valued at nearly a billion dollars.

    Now, Lilium has announced that it will be offering the first eVTOLs for
    private sale in the US. The company has partnered with EMCJET, an aircraft brokerage and management company based in Texas. The partnership grants
    EMCJET exclusive distribution rights through 2030, and currently it has committed five production slots to Lilium.

    While commercial availability of an eVTOL might spark dreams of taking a
    flying car from your driveway to the supermarket for a loaf of bread, you're going to first need a pretty substantial bank account. "List price is US$10 million, which includes a comprehensive service and warranty package, making
    it one of the most cost-effective jets to operate in its class," company representative, Christine Pierk, told us.

    If that doesn't sound quite cost-effective enough to you, there's always
    drone fishing, drone racing or drone filmmaking available as much more affordable ways to power your high-flying dreams.

    Earlier this year, Lilium's jet hit its max air speed of 155 mph (250 km/h)
    as you can see in the video below.


    Lilium Jet hits targeted maximum speed for the aircraft: 136kt
    Source: Lilium https://lilium.com/newsroom-detail/lilium-jet-becomes-first-evtol-for-private-sale-in-the-us-in-pioneering-partnership-with-emcjet

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