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    pilots, their maintenance crews and their customers.

    Ampaire has LOIs from regional airlines around the globe. And we've
    partnered with Mokulele Airlines in Hawaii to fly our retrofitted
    planes on their routes - the world's first operational demonstration
    of electrified aircraft by a commercial operator. ----------------------------------------------------------


    Cranfield Aerospace Solutions
    Comprehensive Aerospace Solutions for Manned and Unmanned Aircraft

    Company Details Products & Services Videos White Papers Projects Press
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    Cranfield Aerospace Solutions

    Cranfield Aerospace Solutions (CAeS) is involved in the design,
    development and manufacture of modifications, maintenance,
    environmental characterisation and rapid prototyping of new aerospace

    Our solutions are established on fixed, rotary wing and unmanned air
    systems, working with multiple operators such as aerospace Tier 1 & 2 companies. These are supported by the European Aviation Safety Agency
    (EASA), Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and Ministry of Defence (MoD)
    approvals for design, build and certification processes, as well as
    composites, avionics and systems integration, performance and weapons clearance.

    In-flight simulation for military high-speed aircraft
    CAeS produces G-Cueing (Motion-Cueing) in-flight simulator seats that
    create the sensation of sustained G-forces, providing fully immersive experiences. These are also used in our motorsport simulation systems.

    Our G-Cueing (Motion-Cueing) portfolio provides sophisticated G-cueing
    for military high-speed aircraft such as the F-18, commercial
    aircraft, helicopters and a driving simulation for motorsport,
    including F1.

    The sensations of sustained G-forces are primary cues for total
    immersion in the simulation. CAeS also provides sensory stimuli while
    moving through G-force inducing manoeuvres.

    G-Cueing simulations can replace or enhance motion platforms and are
    easily deployable into concept mock-ups and in-theatre training.

    Aerospace design services for complex modifications
    In-house competencies include aerodynamic and mechanical design,
    stress analysis, certification and avionics.

    With our EASA and MOD approvals, CAeS, designs, builds, tests and
    flies complex aircraft modifications on both manned aircraft and UAVs. Aerodynamic design, mechanical design, avionics, stress analysis,
    flutter analysis, and certification expertise for current aircraft,
    future systems and historic aircraft are all available.

    A recent design for hard-points on the King Air 350i to support 120kg
    per wing has been completed, which included flutter analysis of the
    wing / aircraft and ground vibration testing (GVT) testing of the

    We are an EASA Design Organisation Approval (DOA – Part 21J), and EASA Production Organisation Approval (POA – Part 21G), and Part-145
    approved company.

    Safety and suitability for aircraft weapon systems
    CAeS provides services for the safety clearance and carriage of weapon
    systems for land, sea and air vehicles using environmental data
    gathering instrumentation for vibration, shock, strain, temperature
    and pressure.

    Structural characterisations support the qualification, role change
    and platform life extension through modal analysis and finite element modelling. Tailored test severities are generated and sensors with
    multiple data channels enable accurate data collection and analysis.
    Projects include the Typhoon, Tornado and F-35, as well as aircraft
    from international air forces.

    Rapid prototyping and concept studies for flight testing
    CAeS offers innovative solutions in concept development and evaluation
    to better utilise flight test methods. To achieve this, the company incorporates concepts of operation, technology road-mapping,
    characterisation on environment and controllability of blended wing
    body, as well as developing techniques from wind tunnels to
    large-scale testing.

    Examples include a blended wing concept design, the X-48B, a UAV
    X-Plane, to test aerodynamic characteristics. CAeS designed the
    aircraft systems and ground station for piloting the vehicle. Another
    concept was supporting E-Fan 4 for hybrid / electric propulsion
    concept development.

    High-quality manufacture and maintenance services
    CAeS provides quality maintenance under our Part 145 Maintenance, Part
    M Continuing Airworthiness and A8-23 Approvals, covering all necessary maintenance services to support private, business or commercial

    We also efficiently and effectively provide approved technical
    solutions for ongoing maintenance and support.

    Air and ground operations for safe aircraft manoeuvre
    Runway and helideck friction testing ensures the safety of aircraft
    manoeuvring at airports and supports the removal of hazardous helideck
    landing nets. Projects include water ingestion trials at our specially constructed facility and aircraft noise testing.

    Detailed assessment reports contain levels of conformance,
    recommendations, friction contour maps and individual run profiles.

    CAeS uses CAA-approved friction testing equipment.

    Special-purpose aircraft for system simulation
    The Cranfield Aerospace Special Purpose Aircraft (CASPA) Cessna 421C
    provides a highly flexible service for research, equipment validation
    and certification, system simulation, and multi-aircraft or
    role-modelling operations.

    CASPA is equipped with standard racks to allow customer specific
    equipment and can carry five additional people during flight test

    About Cranfield Aerospace Solutions
    Established as the Cranfield College of Aeronautics in 1946, CAeS is a
    wholly owned subsidiary of Cranfield University and an EASA Part-21
    and Part-145 approved company. Using our strong research and
    development links with the university, we also convert innovative
    research into market-leading technologies and services.

    We contribute to research, concept development, trials and support in
    the field of unmanned air systems (UAS). Our experience enables
    flexibility through design, manufacture and testing and we have been
    involved in a number of worldwide concept projects and operational

    CAeS covers design, analysis, manufacture, modification and servicing
    on piston engines, turboprop and jet aircraft, as well as metal, wood
    and composite airframes.

    The company supports a number of Britain’s most iconic historic
    aircraft and has acted as design adviser and independent technical
    evaluator for the Battle of Britain memorial flight since 1985. We
    have also supported the Vulcan to the Sky Trust, the Royal Navy
    Historic Flight and Army Historic Aircraft Flight.

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