• Retrofitted Hybrid-Electric Cessna 337 To Make Historic Flight To Alask

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    Retrofitted Hybrid-Electric Cessna 337 To Make Historic Flight To Alaska Retrofitted Hybrid-Electric Cessna 337 To Make Historic Flight To Alaska
    Matthew Austin Ryan
    Published 3 days ago

    Ampaire's Eco EEL will make a historic flight from California to Alaska for
    a ceremony on August 12.
    Ampaire Electric EEL #2 in Flight
    Photo: Ampaire

    Launch Alaska plans to welcome Ampaire's converted hybrid-electric
    aircraft to Fairbanks International Airport on August 12, marking the first deployment of its kind in Alaska.
    Ampaire is a California-based company dedicated to developing electric
    air travel technology and is known for its Electric EEL, which previously
    held the record for the longest non-stop flight by a hybrid-electric
    Ampaire has a strong partnership with Launch Alaska and has recently announced plans to acquire Talyn Air, allowing the company to expand into
    the defense, drone, and eVTOL sectors.

    Launch Alaska, Alaska’s first climate tech deployment accelerator program,
    is planning to welcome its first converted hybrid-electric aircraft to
    Alaska on August 12 in a ceremony at Fairbanks International Airport.

    The aircraft, developed by Ampaire, Inc., is a converted hybrid-electric
    Cessna 337 that the company calls an Electric EEL. The EEL is a six-seat aircraft with an electric motor and battery-pack drivetrain that assists a conventional combustion engine.

    The event on August 12th will include the Department of Energy Advanced Research Projects Agency–Energy, as well as representatives from Launch
    Alaska. Executives from Ampaire will also be at the ceremony, as well as several elected officials.
    Who is Ampaire

    Ampaire is a relatively new company, based in California, that was started
    in 2016. The company is dedicated to developing technology that makes
    electric air travel possible. In addition to its Cessna 337-based Electric
    EEL, Ampaire is also currently developing a Cessna Caravan-based Eco Caravan model, with additional aircraft in the works that include the Eco Otter and
    its first clean-sheet design, the Tailwind.
    Ampaire Fleet 3
    Photo: Ampaire

    As recently as a year ago, Ampair’s Electric EEL held the record for the longest non-stop flight performed by a hybrid-electric aircraft, when it
    flew 1,880 miles to Oshkosh, Wisconsin, from Los Angeles, California. The flight was broken up into three legs, including an 85-mile flight to Mojave,
    a 1,135-mile flight to Kansas, and finally a 660-mile flight that terminated
    in Oshkosh.

    Upon its return to California, the EEL demonstrator flew further than any previous hybrid-electric aircraft had, the company’s SVP of Global Partnerships, Dr. Susan Ying, told Robb Report at the time.

    “By the time the EEL returns to California it will have flown more miles than any hybrid-electric aircraft, over 15,000, including airline
    demonstration flights in Hawaii and the UK. It is flying with great
    reliability and demonstrating the workhorse nature of hybrid-electric aircraft.”

    The Ampaire Electric EEL’s flight to Alaska will also represent the first of its kind, involving a flight from Southern California, up through Canada,
    and terminating in Fairbanks, Alaska.
    Ampaire and Launch Alaska

    Ampaire and Launch Alaska’s relationship dates back to 2020, when Ampaire graduated from Launch Alaska’s sixth cohort of its accelerator program, the 2020 Tech Deployment Track. Launch Alaska added Ampaire to its portfolio in 2021.
    Electric EEL Flys to Oshkosh 2
    Photo: Ampaire

    Ampaire flew its Eco Caravan for the first time in November of last year,
    and also signed a memorandum of understanding with Air France Industries KLM Engineering and Maintenance dedicated to developing a global training
    network for maintaining the 19-seat aircraft. Azul Conecta also placed an
    order for six Eco Caravans earlier this year.
    Talyn Acquisition

    Most recently, Ampaire announced earlier this month that it would acquire
    Talyn Air, an electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) developer.
    Ampaire CEO, Kevin Noertker, said in a press release that the new
    acquisition will enable Ampaire to enter defense, drone, and eVTOL segments.

    “Adding Talyn to Ampaire’s already strong technical foundation in hybrid electric propulsion will be immediately accretive to revenue growth and
    allow the company to accelerate our reach into the valuable drone and eVTOL sectors for both commercial and defense applications.”

    What do you make of Ampaire’s quick growth and deployment of hybrid-electric aviation technologies? Let us know in the comments below.
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