• Kamala Harris's staff revolt over quality of food on Air Force Two

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    Staffers working for Kamala Harris are revolting over the inferior quality
    of lunches on Air Force Two, the vice president's plane.

    It comes after news emerged that their counterparts in the president's
    office, who travel on Air Force One, are served filet mignon and other hot delicacies on gold-rimmed plates, accompanied by cold beers.

    Ms Harris's staff say they get soggy sandwiches in brown paper bags - and
    no booze.

    “It’s a little more Southwest Airlines than Four Seasons,” a former
    staffer told Politico, describing it as “horrible slop.”

    Some apparently don't eat the meals at all. It's a source of discontent
    for some of her aides who are required to travel frequently.

    A White House official said there have been campaigns for the breakfast
    pizza, which is apparently considered the best morning item, to make a
    regular appearance.

    But even those who travel with the president in the superior comfort of
    Air Force One aren't happy. Their meals might be more sophisticated - but
    they have to pay for them, and it's not possible to opt out.

    That's a problem for junior staffers, who can run up hundreds of dollars
    of food bills a year while on work trips.

    One former staff member estimated that frequent travellers could end up
    forking out $1,000 (£810) a year in meals while travelling on Air Force
    One. “It’s really hard to pay off on any junior staffer’s salary," they
    said - although, they conceded, the food is "truly incredible."

    Meanwhile, those on Air Force Two will still have to make do with cold
    pasta salads and water.


    2 April, 2023

    I was a Flight Engineer in the U.S.A.F. and survived on cold box lunches
    or TV style frozen dinners. A lot of people would be very happy to have
    any sort of meal. If they don't like the work or conditions, quit.

    2 April, 2023

    I was a C-141 FE for 16 years. Lived on box lunches. They were pretty
    good eating (most of the time). We were glad to have them and if we
    wanted more, then we brought it with us.

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