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    Should have dropped bags of manure on them.

    DENVER (AP) — The National Transportation Safety Board is
    investigating a small plane that buzzed low over boats on a
    Northern Colorado reservoir before crashing, the board said

    The pilot and a passenger aboard the single-engine plane
    survived the crash Sunday with minor injuries, the Larimer
    County Sheriff’s Office said in a news release. The agency said
    it's supporting an investigation by the Federal Aviation
    Administration and asked the public to share photos and videos
    of the event.

    Photographer Stephanie Stamos was near the banks of Horsetooth
    Reservoir, just west of Fort Collins, Colorado, on Sunday night
    preparing to take high school photos for a student when she saw
    the plane flying “unsteady” over the water.

    Stamos, 57, said she instinctively pulled up her camera and
    started snapping photos believing the pilot was in trouble and
    preparing for a crash landing. But instead of hitting the water,
    the plane flew toward a boat on the lake, swinging low over the
    craft as one of the boat riders through up their arm, the photos

    “The wheels were almost on top of the boat,” said Stamos.

    When the plane disappeared behind the mountains, “I told
    everyone, ‘Wait for the boom’,” she said, then “I saw it fly
    back up through the mountains going sideways and I thought, ‘Oh
    this guy is an idiot, this guys just messing around.’”

    Stamos said she shared her photos with the Larimer County
    Sheriff’s Office and that the NTSB reached out to her Wednesday
    asking for the same pictures.

    Peter Knudson, spokesperson for the National Transportation
    Safety Board, said the agency is investigating the Sept. 11
    crash but declined to provide any details.

    Carolina de la Torre had just finished swimming in a cove at
    Horsetooth Reservoir when the plane flew over. She said the
    aircraft got within 15-20 feet of her and her friends.

    “We thought they were going to crash down on (the other boat),"
    she said, "it was the most nuts experience I’ve ever had.”


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