• Ag plane for recreational flying

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    I guarantee that NOTHING looks more fun (or more dangerous) than flying one >of those big ol' crop-dusters. Man, if you can really find a good one for >$30K, they sure look like a great ride!
    I saw an AgCat online a while back, with a big engine, modified to take
    3 people, with clipped wings - the owner claimed it was an incredible
    acro ship. He wanted $68K for it, IIRC.
    I looked into a Pawnee as a run-about a while back. You can get them
    pretty cheap. I even found a place in IN (maybe Michigan, now that I
    think about it), that would restore it to your specs. I would have
    done it, but I ended up buying a Tripacer instead.
    I love the Pawnees - they're fun to fly, but forgiving. All those crop dusters are built so you can still land them after spending 12 hours
    in the air...
    Tina Marie
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    My dad used to put on excellent aerobatic demonstrations in his 300 Agwagon. He was a duster pilot with thousands of hours in everything from Cubs to P 51s. In the 60s he owned an SNJ but traded it for a T28A. He started cropdusting in the 1950s in
    Cubs and Stearmans. My grandfather bought 3 of the first 10 Snow S2 A models ever built. You will love the Agwagon but boy is it loud. There may be a different propeller available now that is quieter but the originals were earsplitting. At different
    times dad had a Staggerwing Beech, a DC3, a Centurion, a 402, and a P58 Barron. His last plane was a Piper Malibu. I think his favorite was the Staggerwing D17S. He always said "nothing snap rolls ike an SNJ/T-6.

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