• Embraer Working On Electric Cropduster, Hybrid Military Transport

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    Embraer Working On Electric Cropduster, Hybrid Military Transport
    Russ Niles
    November 22, 20201

    Embraer has partnered with the Brazilian arm of Portuguese energy
    company EDP to build a pure electric version of the EMB-2013 Ipanema
    aerial application aircraft. The first test flight is scheduled for
    early 2021. “Through EDP’s Smart division, the multinational of
    Portuguese origin announced a financial contribution for the
    acquisition of an energy storage and recharging technology solution
    for the aircraft, with 100 percent electric propulsion …,” the company statement said. EDP says it’s “leading a transition to a low-carbon
    economy,” and that the alliance with Embraer “represents a new form of
    our investment in electric mobility, helping to position Brazil as a
    leading player in this market.” Meanwhile, Embraer is also taking part
    in development of a hybrid-electric military transport for the
    Brazilian air force.

    The STOUT (Short Take-Off Utility Transport) is intended to replace
    the air force’s EMB-110 Bandierante (C-95A) and EMB-120 Brasilia
    (C-97) and is designed for use in the Amazon. It will have two
    turboprop engines and two electric motors on its high wing and will
    have a range of 1300 nautical miles. It will need about 4,000 feet of
    runway and will hold up to 30 troops or 6,000 pounds of cargo

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