• Pipistrel Earns First Electric Aircraft Type Certificate

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    Pipistrel Earns First Electric Aircraft Type Certificate
    Kate O'Connor June 10, 202020

    Image: Pipistrel

    Pipistrel’s Velis Electro became the first-ever fully electric
    aircraft to receive its type certification on Wednesday. According to
    the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), which granted the certificate, the certification process for the aircraft was completed
    in less than three years. The Pipistrel E-811 engine used on the
    aircraft became the first EASA-certified electric aircraft engine on
    May 18, 2020.

    “The type certification of the Pipistrel Velis Electro is the first
    step towards the commercial use of electric aircraft, which is needed
    to make emission-free aviation feasible,” said Pipistrel Aircraft
    founder and CEO Ivo Boscarol. “It confirms and provides optimism, also
    to other electric aircraft designers, that the Type Certificate of
    electric engines and aeroplanes is possible.”

    Designed primarily as a trainer, the two-seat Velis Electro has a
    cruise speed of 90 knots, 600-kg (1320-lb.) maximum takeoff weight,
    172-kg (378-lb.) payload and endurance of up to 50 minutes plus VFR
    reserve. It is a fully electric derivative of Pipistrel’s Virus SW
    121. Slovenia-based Pipistrel says it has plans to deliver 31 Velis
    Electros in 2020.

    Video: Pipistrel

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