• Free Soaring Webinar 5-22-20, 7pm CDT

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    The Soaring Society of America hosts a free webinar series, 2nd Tuesdays each month, and other dates as announced.
    The May 12 webinar is titled
    Emergency Locator Devices & Other Safety Equipment.

    Glider pilots sometimes land away from their home airfields.
    Sometimes this happens by choice, sometimes it is not planned.
    Being able to communicate a landing position, and urgency or not of needed response assistance can be either normal, or very Not Normal.
    There are a myriad of communications and tracking tools available, with variable costs and operating options.

    This information is equally valuable to ASMEL airplane operations, and power pilots are heartily invited to login. There is plenty of territory in the US (and worldwide) where an aviation machine can meet the earth and be invisible, and out of
    communication range of cell phones. Cockpit crew may be incapacitated. What technology is right for you?

    John DeRosa is a glider pilot and electronic engineer. John has assisted a flock of pilots in upgrading their electronics in gliders, while not flying his AS-W 27 from Sky Soaring near Chicago, IL. John has served as maintenance officer, club officer,
    webpage and IT technician for the ChicagoLand Glider Council. He has been a presenter at regional and national glider gatherings on all things electrical.

    We look forward to his webinar on ELDs and emergency cockpit preparation for landouts and inflight egress.

    To register for this FREE webinar use this link: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/4452271532767427600?source=rpa

    We will have seat openings / attendance capacity for up to 3000 persons for the balance of 2020-early 2021. Our apologies to anyone who was unable to attend the April session.

    Many of our sessions qualify for FAA Wings credit, if you use the same email for your Wings account and SSA Webinars.

    Thank you for joining us in this effort to continue flight learning in this period of reduced flight activity. Additional presenters or suggestions for topics are welcomed.

    The SSA Webinar Team

    David, Bruno & Cindy

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