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    On Tuesday, November 7, 2006 at 7:15:42 AM UTC-8, Doug Palmer wrote:
    I have now been working on my project almost ten years and generally Aircraft Spruce and Specialty has been the benefactor. Their website now states that orders placed before 3:00 PM will ship the same day. This is bullshit. I ordered two gallons of UV smooth prime on Saturday and for some reason they have not managed to put two gallons of paint into a box and get it out and it is tuesday. I called them to ask when it would ship, and I get attitude and an exasperated it should go out today sir.

    Dealing with the spruce crowd has been a roller coaster ride. At times they shine, then they will simply act like a third rate mail order house. Most companies after you have spent 40-60K with them would give you some sort of customer service and recognition as a return customer, not these guys, hell, they seem to go out of the way to tick you off.

    I'll be done soon, and not dealing with Spruce will be nice. I already went with Gulf Coast Avionics for my radios as they had good phone support and good prices - I highly reccommend. I bought my Wheels and several other larger cost items through Wicks, again better prices. And I must say, I enjoy calling the folks at Wicks for stuff. Their people are friendly and there is a family feel on the phone. Unfortunately being a northern California builder I often go with Spruce because once they fill the order it only takes two days to get here UPS ground.

    I guess the point of ths rant is to encourage builders to go with some of the other good guys. The folks that have treated me right include Wicks, B&C Specialty, Gulf Coast Avionics, RST, SKyGeek, Vans, Airparts Inc, Mezimer (MAC), Grove Aircraft, Aero Parts and Supply, Sacramento Sky Ranch. I'm sure there are others but I just cannot think of them now.

    BTW the project is halfway through being painted, some photos can be seen at http://www.whitealbatross.com/Webplane/index.htm

    Thanks for listening!


    I waited nine months for a refund for a Rotax warranty issue from Spruce. I can't put the entire blame on Spruce since Rotax is absolutely the worst at supporting their customers. I spoke to Jim at Airventure 2018 and he was very professional and
    promised to resolve the issue. When I finally became so frustrated 3 months later I emailed Jim and had the refund that week. Jim Irwin runs a family business and he cares about his customers. Their website is second to none and I still continue to buy
    from them.

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