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    Hi Yatsu:
    The Coor's Light Microjet ( BD-5J MicroJet) is a very nice jet... The
    kit cost for it is $68,500. That includes the jet engine. Top speed is
    290 m.p.h., cruises at 240, range of 380 standard miles, weights 440lbs., made of metal, 600 man hours to build, 26,000ft service ceiling, Rate of Climb-f.p.m. is 2400. 12 have been built and flown since 1975.
    A turboprop version ( BD-5T Turboprop) of the kit is available for
    $46,500... with the specially designed engine included. The cheapest is the BD-5B. It cost $16,800... no engine included.
    For more information.. the manufactuer is:
    BD-Micro Technologies, Inc.
    1260 Wade Rd.
    Siletz, OR 97380
    Phone 541-444-1313
    Yatsu wrote in message <01bd1ae8$40c180c0$26b4...@lupin.stanford.edu>...
    How much does it cost to build a Bede BD-5J Microjet?

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    What is a basket case 1970 bd5j microjet worth at present

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