• High Price of Flying Wires?

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    On Friday, September 26, 2003 at 6:23:48 AM UTC+12, Building The Perfect Beast wrote:
    Wondering why the price of a set of Flying wires for most HB Bi Planes cost >3k or more? Not trying to argue, just wondering what drives the high cost.

    Thanks- J. Wolfer

    Hello. I have a set of flying wires that may suffice and I will sell them for
    considerably less than you have been quoted. It's worth a shot anyway. If you
    are interested please provide dimensions including maximum length to this newsgroup and I'll see if what I have will work for you.

    try Russ Ward www.vintageaero.com in New Zealand. They have been making flying wires for over 10 years and have an excellent track record.

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