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    Hey Roy, is the book in a reproducable form or is it bound so as to complicate things? If it's reproducable, can we see about getting premission to do it so that it can be shared with those of us that
    don't have copies? With the renewed interest, it looks like we might
    just have to discuss putting up a site...Comments?


    Hello My name is Barry Brokaw Dr. Brokaw was my grandfather. I would like to get any information you can help me with. My grandmother and time has dispersed all. I am returning to aviation and have some Ideas of my own. I grew up in the hanger with my
    grandfather every weekend. My email barryeducate@gmail.com. Also to have to pass to my children.

    Hello, to all. My name is Norman Parmley. I would like to learn some more about the Brokaw Bullet, and see if any plans are available.

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