• Corvair conversion engines

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    On Wednesday, January 18, 2006 at 1:19:06 PM UTC-6, Cal Vanize wrote:
    As my research continues, I have been investigating possible engines for
    a 601XL. The Corvair engines looked like a good candidate. The reports seemed very good and the engine was surprisingly inexpensive for initial purchase and long-term maintenance.

    The stated expected TBO is 1500 hours and the Corvair Authority website documents the use of a Corvair engine in a 601XL.

    Everything seemed OK until yesterday when I read the most recent updates
    on their website. Seems that the "untreated" automotive cranks have
    been cracking in a very short time. Nitriding seems like the only
    solution. But with standard cranks cracking at under 100 hours, what
    would be the expected life of a nitrided crank. Twice as long, four
    times as long, eight times as long? This would still fall short of the
    1500 hour TBO stated by the Corvair Authority.

    Does anyone have any first hand experience with Corvair conversion
    engines? Any info on their realistic life and reliability?



    It seems that no one on this thread has heard of the 5th bearing. The factory crank is a forged steel crank. It is not cast. The 5th bearing has eliminated the broken crank. The broken crank usually only happened on engines that were not used as intended.

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