• minor transmission trouble

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    When upshifting my transmission, it grinds in going from 1st gear to
    2nd gear about 90% of the time, unless I double clutch, in which case
    there are no problems. I do not have any problems when upshifting to
    other gears, or when downshifting to any gear.

    Additionally, when the temperature starts to get colder (45F or so),
    it becomes extremely difficult to shift up or down into any of the
    lower gears (R, 1, 2, and sometimes 3.) The shift lever simply won't
    go into gear. Once the temperature falls below freezing, it's
    virtually impossible to force the transmission into any of those gears without shutting off the engine, making the shift, then restarting
    the vehicle. (Obviously not very conducive to a pleasant driving experience.)

    Just looking for some input on what problems these issues could be
    indicative of.

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