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    I was happy with GEICO when I am luckily not involved with any accidents. And the very first time I need to file claim due to a street parking hit and run that happened to me. Instead of helping me to recover, they turned around to accuse me lying
    without even requesting police report. They dragged my case 3 months long and paid the minimum they could and mostly only using used parts to fix my barely 2 years new car.
    I thought I paid insurance to protect me when I needed help but they ripped me off instead. Everyone who works there speaks like a robot and none of them care about your well being.
    I'm still waiting for my rental car coverage and they only paid my contract maximum amount even tho they are the one prolonging the process.
    GEICO needs to be out of the market if they practice this bloody business model.
    On Sunday, September 14, 1997 at 12:00:00 AM UTC-7, Fred Motta wrote:

    I am collecting information for my Anti-GEICO web page and would like to
    get your horror stories which I can post to help others in determining what kind of auto or motorcycle insurance policy they currently have so that
    they can get the RIGHT insurance for their needs.

    I have nothing to do with underwriting insurance or the insurance industry.

    If you are reading this and thinking, "Well, I'm happy with GEICO.", let me first say that I'm not trying to convince you to switch insurance companies (although you might be wiser for doing so). I still subscribe to GEICO for
    2 autos and 2 motorcycles until my attorney advises me to drop them like lead. Until then, I would strongly suggest you examine your policy,
    question it, and hope that you and others can benefit or contribute to my collection of stories.

    Why am I doing this??

    1. First experience with an insurance (GEICO) claim that's turning sour. 2. What I subscribed to is NOT what they sold me.
    3. If I saw this somewhere, maybe I would have questioned my GEICO policy.


    1. If you have anything to do with selling or representing the insurance industry or defending their position, don't bother posting a reply.
    2. Tell me about your experience, big or small; doesn't matter if you won or loss----this is to help others (such as "changed my policy after
    realizing it didn't cover [blah-blah...]").
    3. Your experience doesn't have to be limited to GEICO.


    I know this sounds crazy, but several years ago manufacturers resisted putting the "Nutrition Facts" label on their products until it became law.
    I want to see some standardization that simplifies or conveys the same message across all insurance policies as the first page of the policy, not
    to be hidden in declaration pages, cover letters, etc. Does this make

    Until then, I will continue to publish my ANTI-GEICO Insurance letters in every newsgroup on the net and getting involved with the insurance commissioner's office, and my congressman. Thank you.

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