• Sleeping in a Pathfinder?

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    On Friday, June 7, 2002 at 7:18:06 PM UTC-4, Jerry Bransford wrote:
    Rob Munach wrote:In any other situation than extreme off-roading, a
    spanks the relaiability of your Jeeps and most other vehicles.

    Sorry but I disagree with Nissan's reliability being better. In the
    past four Jeeps I have owned, I have had one minor leaky radiator and
    one cracked exhaust manifold. If you add up all the mileage, it comes
    to just under 400K miles with 108,000 miles on my current highly abused Wrangler alone. I don't own a Nissan but hunted with five guys that
    did. One by one, they all switched over to other brands after multiple suspension problems like things bending. I'm not exaggerating one bit
    there to make my point, that's an honest-to-God point where none of
    those friends would say good things about Nissan reliability.

    The Nissan would be fine in the dirt road situation being asked about. I
    was responding to the comment that the Nissan was rated highly by CU in response to someone else who was complaining about their Nissan's high break-down rate... which co-incides with my experience with five of
    them. And CU seems to be more concerned with a vehicle's safety and
    smooth ride than the qualities I look for in an offroad-worthy 4x4.

    Jerry Bransford
    The Zen Hotdog... make me one with everything!
    Geezer Jeep: http://www.jjournal.net/jeep/gallery/JBransfordsTJ/

    your anecdotal experience is meaningless, especially since all you mention is suspension problems. if you drive your car as intended nothing should bend, your friends having those issues is there fault for driving the pathfinder were it was never meant
    to be. and anyone who thinks a pathfinder is meant to be a hardcore 4x4 is foolish, but with the right mods it is possible.

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  • From steve.delgadillo2@gmail.com@21:1/5 to Blair on Mon Oct 5 00:09:37 2020
    On Thursday, June 6, 2002 at 4:35:15 PM UTC-7, Blair wrote:
    I'm thinking of moving from a light pickup to the SUV, but I car camp
    often for the outdoor "Sports" I do and I really don't think the "Utility Vehicle" will work without modifications.
    I'm 5'7", wife is 5'2". With the seats down, diagonally *may*
    work. Anyone comfortably camp in a Pathfinder/4Runner?
    Seat bottom removal? 8" air mattress? Platform?
    Thanks for any ideas.
    Blair Hanna
    Fort Collins, CO

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