• 80 series Landcruiser rear axle removal - need advice.

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    On Friday, 11 January 2008 19:08:08 UTC+13, MugMechanic wrote:
    I've been doing the brakes on my '94 Landcruiser, no problem with that, but I've noticed a slight oil leak from the right rear axle when I pulled off
    the brake disk to check the handbrake and adjust. So I suspect an axle oil seal needs replacing.
    I have one of those rather useless Gregory's repair manuals and all it says about removing the rear axle is :-

    1. Remove the axle shaft to rear hub nuts and spring washers.
    [OK done, removed six 12mm nuts and spring washers, bit tight with rust but they came off OK with WD40.]

    2. Using a hammer and brass punch on the studs remove the cone washers from the axle shaft flange.
    {Here I'm stuck. I've tried tapping the studs with a brass drift, but nothing happens. I can see the "cone washers" but how hard do I have to belt the studs to get them out? I'm afraid to bash the studs too hard for fear of damaging them. I've applied some WD40 and let it stand overnight.}

    3. Install 2 x M8x25mm bolts to the threaded holes in the axle shaft flange and tighten evenly until the flange is dislodged from the rear hub.

    [OK no problem, I can do that, but it seems you have to get the cone washers out first as per step 2]

    There are no comprehensive illustrations in the Gregory's manual to help.

    Can anyone please advise on how to go about step 2 to get the cone washers out, just tapping the studs even fairly hard with the brass drift dies not seem to do the trick.



    Hey guys, does anyone know what the thread size is for the two bolts that remove the axles? M8 x what? 1? 1.5?

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