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    What is the realistic life expectancy for the Chevy 4.3L V6 (1991 model)? I've got an S-10 Pickup and I do regular maintenance on the engine (oil, filters, etc) I treat it reasonably well, but don't know how well it
    was treated by the previous owner (first 50K miles). The old 2.8L V6's really could only be expected to last about 75-80K. Does anybody know how the larger engines fare in the long run?

    I bought mine out of a junk yard with 28K on it. It now has about 80K on it in my 1985 Toy truck. I change oil about every 3K or so and it still seems
    to run very well and burns no oil. It does though blow a puff of oil smoke
    on morning startup. I suspect I have a little oil seepage down the guides when it sits overnight. I think this is common on aging Chevy engines.

    Jay Kopycinski '85 Toylet
    Chandler, AZ

    Why Say, I bought a 1975 2 Wheel Drive Blazer with a 2.8 V6 engine. It was a little under powered, but a real good performer. I got 329 thousand mile out of the engine. And it failed because someone cut me off in traffic and I had to stand the Blazer
    on its nose to keep from hitting them. After that oil pressure went to pot. Changing the oil pump made no difference and it turned out that the cam has slide out of position just a little bit. The body was also rusted out and so it was time to get
    another truck. 1996 Jimmy with 4.3 engine. Its got 239 thousand and leaks a small amount of oil at the rear seal, not even enough to equal a quart between oil changes. I have always used a oil for high mileage engines with an oil treatment of some
    kind and of course a new filter. I would recommend the 4.3 engine anytime. It is in a lot of boats as a Mercury Inboard Engine and I have seen it in a lot of fork trucks too. You could call it a universal engine.

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