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    On Sunday, November 11, 2001 at 12:31:21 PM UTC-7, Greg wrote:
    Excellent instructional on checking the actuator. I had received a copy of the TSB that you referred to and attempted to verify that it just wasn't the actuator.I had a blend door failure and wanted to check the actuator and I believe I had 2 of the three screws out but I couldn't see the other one,
    and I didn't want to make the situation any worse. Mine never clicked and after having Ford do that expensive labor work to replace the assembly I retained that box and the square socket that the actuator plugs into was broken apart. (I took a couple digital images of the socket) Good write up I'm sure it will help those with just the actuator problems in troubleshooting...
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    Before you spend $1000+ replacing the plenum assembly on your ford,
    (Ford TSB 99-08-08) please verify that the problem is not simply the actuator.

    My 1997 Eddie Bauer with EATC just failed with a 'clicking noise'. I contacted the dealer and was told that the blend door was broken, and
    it would cost in excess of $800 (a low estimate from what I have read
    here) to fix. They said that they needed to replace the hole plenum (<$200)and 12 hrs labor due to remove / replace dash, etc.

    I researched and found that the electric actutor was not rotating.
    BROKEN GEARS INSIDE. Actuator sits on top of the plenum, with and
    electical connection. You can see if if you drop the glove box door
    down (tabs on side of door).

    There is a drive which is visible on top (round with a square hole in middle. Look with a mirror to see if the drive rotates. Mind DID

    I removed the actuator. There are 3 hex head screws, two in front,
    one in rear, tight but do-able. Lift the unit by prying up with a screwdriver or similar, it will easily slide out toward the front.

    I opened the unit and found that one of the internal drive gears had 2 lobes sheared off. This is what was causing the 'clicking'.

    I got a new actuator from Ford for $60, and replaced it (p/n F77Z-19E616-BA). I did not even attempt to replace the rear screw as
    it is almost impossible to reach.

    WORKS FINE!!!!!

    Best regards,

    Steve Murray
    Does the blend door stay in place with actuator removed

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