• Another rare one - Mercury Mountaineer SportTruck Prototype

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    Here is another rare gem - by none other than Ford. This Mercury
    Mountaineer (same as the Ford Explorer) SportTruck Prototype

    This SportTruck is 1 of 1 and was built for over $50k in 1998 as a
    prototype to be sold by Ford Motorsport dealers. It was track and dyno
    tuned and was also featured in a 1999 Turbo Magazine article.

    Ford 5.0L V8 w/ 6psi Powerdyne Supercharger (CARB legal) and
    K&N Air Filter
    Ford 4R70W 4-speed Automatic Trans w/ furnace-brazed Torque
    Converter and
    shift profile modifications by California Performance Transmission
    (Art Carr)
    BellTech Suspension 2.5-in drop
    Custom torsion keys, rear leaf springs and re-valved performance
    Uprated front/rear sway bars and bushings
    Fittipaldi Tubulare Wheels 17- x 8-in
    inc. color-matched gold spokes and also carbon fibre spoke/center
    cap kit
    Performance 255-50/17 tires
    AutoMeter Instrumentation on Pillar Pod Vacuum/Boost and AFR
    (Air-Fuel Ratio)
    Bassani 3-inch Cat-Back Performance Exhaust System with Chrome Tip
    Ford Motorsport LSD
    Running Board and Roof Rack Delete
    Custom Toreador Red/Dark Toreador Red/Gold Color Key Paint w/ Dual
    Rally Stripes

    Here are some photos

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