• heat problem

    From Walker West@21:1/5 to All on Thu Nov 23 11:54:38 2017
    My wife drives a 1997 Explorer XLT AWD, 5.0. Recently the heater stopped working at all although the AC is fine. I thought it was a clogged heater core and back flushed it and nothing but clean water & antifreeze came out, reversed the hose and flushed
    in the forward direction, same result. Next, I purchased a new Motorcraft heater valve and installed it today. Seems to be working properly and there is hot water prior to the valve and after the valve going into the firewall
    (checked by feeling hoses). Still no heat. (fan works properly as do the various direction of air flow-floor, both, vents etc.). Any suggestions as the next step will be greatly appreciated.

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