• turn signal makes a buzzing noise

    From jesswhat@gmail.com@21:1/5 to Ron Rickenbach on Tue Feb 28 15:11:04 2017
    On Monday, September 9, 2002 at 8:37:11 AM UTC-7, Ron Rickenbach wrote:
    I have a '95 explorer xlt. The left turn signal makes a buzzing sound
    when engaged, and does not flash. It is not a problem on right side position. Flashers work. By holding the switch partially down, I can
    get the left blinker to work. It does not appear to be a flasher
    problem, perhaps a faulty switch. Anybody have any ideas, or had the problem? Thanks in advance. Ron
    1998 chevy s-10
    I had a similar problem with the buzzing sound when trying to signal. Turned out to be the flasher unit, which is a much cheaper and easier replacement to make than the switch unit.

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  • From fjmc563@gmail.com@21:1/5 to WLW on Thu Aug 31 06:55:38 2017
    On Thursday, September 12, 2002 at 6:24:24 PM UTC-5, WLW wrote:
    Turn Signal Chatter-
    I too have had this problem in my 1998 Eddie Bauer Explorer TWICE. I discovered the noise originated from a small yellow electrical device
    beneath the dash at the side of the steering column. Simply by
    "reseating" the electrical connector it has fixed the problem every
    time. The electrical component is rectangular and about two inches by
    one inch. I'm not sure what it is and the parts guy at the local Ford
    dealer wasn't sure either. All I know is if I fiddled with the
    connector to tighten it in place, the problem went away. It hasn't
    returned for nearly a year.

    Best of Luck!
    I have the exact same issue for two years now, at least. On and off, intermittently. Frustrated I went ahead and replaced the flasher, bulbs, and turn signal lever. Just when I thought I nailed it it came back and said 'I am back!'. I then came to the
    same exact conclusion as the gentleman stated above and am going to remove the flasher, check the connector's pins if 'loose' then make them tighter, and reconnect. I to noticed before and after replacing all the parts as mentioned when the flasher is
    touched or wiggled slightly it stops right there and function as it should. I waited again until it acted up and did the same thing again. So the culprit will be the plug/connection. If there is a male and female pin, then it might be loose, like a 18
    year old boy banging a 80 year old cougar lady. ;-) Sometimes you put the lady's legs together and it is tighter, right? Same idea for the pins. lol Have fun and think about this post when you get around to messing with them pins. ;-) Good luck!

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