• How to Replace 97 Explorer Blend Door Actuator Fails with Clicking

    From Scott@21:1/5 to All on Sun Nov 6 18:18:00 2016
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    I did this exact procedure on my 96 Explorer. Go OEM the with replacement part. The one I bought from RockAuto didn't work. Motor didn't move at all when plugged in. Outside looked the same, but cracked it open and the circuitry wasn't even close! The one thing I did differently is to separate the base from the unit itself. They snap together, Once separated, the base is A LOT easier to put back in. Even the third screw in the back. After putting the base back in, installing the unit is literally a snap. Just make sure to plug it in and ensure it turns when turning the heat up / down.

    for full context, visit http://www.motorsforum.com/ford-explorer/how-to-replace-97-explorer-blend-door-actuator-fails-with-cl-18361-.htm

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