• 4.0 SOHC problems (esp. timing chain tensioners)

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    I wish I would have read some of these articles before I bought my 2000
    Ford Explore XLT. Well, Ford still has the same problems with the
    2000's. My timing chain and cassette had to be replaced at 1,600
    miles. (along with many other repairs). There is still an engine
    noise that Ford can not identify. I have repeatedly complained about
    it. I guess Ford is just sick of me. They have offered to buy back
    this Explorer. Guess what??? I am taking them up on it.

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    Just interested in hearing about anyone elses problems with the
    timing chain
    tensioners in the 4.0L SOHC engine.

    I bought my '97 used in April '99 with 50k and luckily also bought
    the extended
    warranty (although it hasn't helped me really). I noticed the problem
    a week
    after I bought the thing. Took it in to have repaired. They had it
    for two
    weeks and didn't fix the problem. Was then told the tensioner was
    redesigned and would be in in 30 days. Five months went by and still
    no part.
    Finally I took it to another dealer who tried to fix it again. Still
    no go. He
    then said there was another new design and was ordering parts. A week
    later I
    took it in again to have the yet again redesigned tensioner put in
    and it still
    didn't fix the problem. He told me that Ford had no clue what the
    problem was
    and was going to put a new engine into it, but the bad news is that
    even the
    new engines had not been corrected. So I took it in again only to
    find that
    Ford changed their mind. Ford had yet again redesigned the tensioner
    so I was
    on the parts list again. Three weeks have gone by and still no parts,
    I was told to bring it in next Monday and parts should all be there,
    but why
    should I expect that after 8 months of screwing around that they will
    get it right.

    Is this what everyone else has been through? Isn't Ford obligated to
    repair my
    vehicle by any means up to the retail value of the vehicle in a
    amount of time under the contract they signed with me (extended
    warranty) ?

    I guess one good thing is that it is still running, although the noise continues to get worse and I have been told that this problem has led
    to the
    timing chain failing and ruining the engine on numerous occasions.

    Why can't they just get rid of the chains and retrofit to a belt
    system and why
    cant they just offer the V8 with the fully functional 4WD?

    The few
    extra HP or MPG will be made up for by the many sleepless nights you
    will be
    spending worrying about the POS in your driveway.

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    Before you buy.

    I know this thread is old, i was still in high school. I have a 98 4.0 sohc explorer for about 5 years now. i believe the timing chain tensioner is bad also. its sounded the same since ive had it. i always thought it was because it was wrecked it had
    rattles underneath. it runs great and i hold it to the floor. i will drive it until it completely quits on me. 109k miles when i got it, now its at 145k. too many electrical interior components.

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