• Ford Dealer Offers Bribe for Positive Customer Survey! Is this comm

    From ardmonster@gmail.com@21:1/5 to All on Tue Feb 9 14:58:52 2016
    Problem is this, the Ford survey is flawed because any score lower than perfect is a failing mark...I kid you not. It has to be "excellent" and "completely satisfied" to pass. It's very unfair to the prople who work at the dealership because our pay is
    tied into these survey's and anything lower than 100% we fail.
    We have complained about this for 6 years now and nothing has changed, this forces the dealership and individual salesmen and advisors to start bribing the customer to get an excellent survey becuae if they are below 100% you will lose money and you can
    lose your job. Very unfair system.

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