• Almost complete - 2000 Ford Explorer Limited with Saleen XP8 Carbon

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    The Saleen XP8 Carbon Fiber / Composite Hood and Rear Wing Spoiler
    have been completely reworked, refinished/painted along with the front
    end and rear bumper of my 2000 Ford Explorer Limited (Pearl White)
    The color match came out quite nice - especially for a 15 year old
    vehicle. I feel these parts really set off this truck without being
    over the top. I've also finally installed the Saleen XP8 Speedline
    Magnesium Rims on the truck which has completely changed the look.

    I am due to have the truck dropped to Saleen Spec (2inches via
    Saleen Lowering Blocks and Torsion Twist) this week which will improve
    the look even further.

    My goal here was not to create an XP8 Clone but instead just my
    take on the what Ford might have done if they decided to create a
    limited production model above the Limited that has some extra luxury,
    extra power and some styling to set it off from the rest of the
    Explorer model line.

    This is still a work in progress as I have some interior changes,
    and motor/exhaust changes in the works to complete this project.

    Here are a few pictures prior to the lowering. (Still need to clean
    it up too so please excuse the dirt/road/bug grime)

    The photos are fairly high resolution - so please be patient while
    they all load. You can click on them (or pinch to zoom on mobile) to
    zoom in or go full screen.

    A few more of the set

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