• INCOMING - Picked up some Speedline Magnesium Saleen rims for my 20

    From Spanks@21:1/5 to All on Wed Sep 16 08:19:07 2015
    Spanks wrote:
    As I wrote in another post, I am in the middle of several upgrades
    to my White Pearl 2000 Ford Explorer Limited. I picked up a set of
    restored pristine Speedline 1908 Rims (18" X 8.5" with the
    10mm Offset required by the Explorer) which were originally installed
    on a Saleen XP8 Ford Explorer. The rims have been restored and
    professionally powder coated by an outfit out in Southern California
    and I''m looking to install them on my truck sometime within the next
    couple weeks.

    The tires originally installed on the rims were the Pirelli
    Scorpion S/T in 255/55R18 109H - which is no longer made by Pirelli.
    I decided to go ahead and try the Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season
    Plus tires in 255/55R18 109H or 109V (haven't decided yet) This tire
    looks as it might be better than the Scorpion S/T - I'll update here
    my thoughts later on.

    Some photos below

    Updated photos posted here:


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