• '02 Town & Country alarm problem

    From Percival P. Cassidy@21:1/5 to All on Mon Oct 2 23:49:51 2017
    The alarm of a family member's 2002 Town & Country keeps going off,
    sometimes even during the night and disturbing the neighbors.

    The immediate remedy is to disconnect the battery overnight, but that's
    hardly a long-term solution.

    I have a code scanner, but I don't know whether an alarm problem is
    going to register in the scanner, and in any case, if the battery has
    been disconnected, I assume that any stored codes would have gone away.

    The possibilities that occur to me are (a) a faulty door switch, and (b)
    an intermittently closing contact in the Panic button on one of the
    remotes. Are they possibilities, and is there anything else we should
    look at?


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