• Is there such a thing as "internal" vs "external" rotor venting?

    From MoPar Man@21:1/5 to All on Mon Apr 24 09:45:06 2017
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    If someone says there is such a thing as internally vs externally vented
    brake rotors (for cars) - what could they mean?

    If you have a rotor formed by 2 plates, the plates separated by an air
    gap formed by a structural web or matrix or separators, then what
    additional aspect of their construction would lead to one being called
    an internally-vented rotor while a second would be called externally

    (supposedly for the LH-era 300m there was a difference between the PHP
    vs non-PHP option package in terms of the front rotors being internally
    vs externally vented, something that may or may not have any findable authoritative source...)

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