• Suspension parts - what's the diff (Dorman, Raybestos, AC Delco, Me

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    On Sunday, April 7, 2013 at 5:12:20 PM UTC-4, MoPar Man wrote:
    I'm looking at replacing the lower control arms on my '00 Chrysler 300M
    and my choices seem to be:

    Dorman (about $20 each)
    Raybestos ($26 - $46)
    AC Delco ($29 - $45)
    Mevotech ($30)
    Auto Extra / Chassis Rite ($19)
    Moog ($21 - $50 - $61)

    (all prices -> Rock Auto)

    These are all the same - lower control arm with bushings and lower ball
    joint pre-installed, with new pinch bolt and nut.

    I believe they all have zirk fittings - but perhaps not.

    I know that this thread could devolve around the concept of "you get
    what you pay for", but I really would like to better understand:

    1) Relationship between these manufacturers and their part numbers. For example, Dorman, Raybestos, and AC Delco all have different part
    numbers. However, Mevotech, Auto Extra/Chassis Rite, and Moog all have "K7211 / K7213" for their part numbers.

    For example, Mevotech's P/N is K7211 (left control arm), Auto Extra /
    Chassis Rite P/N is AXK7211, and Moog has K7211, RK7211 and CK7211.
    Which leads me to believe these are the same underlying parts (what else could account for the practically identical part numbers?)

    Moog has the most expensive parts, and I really don't know the
    difference between RK7211 and CK7211 (except that Rock Auto shows a $11
    price difference).

    2) Am I really just paying more for a longer waranty - but getting the
    same part? (for those vendors that sell different versions such as
    Raybestos, AC/Delco, and Moog)

    I really doubt that I'm going to be paying more than $45 each for these, which means that all of these except for the two higher-priced Moog
    parts are on my short list.

    That said, here is a small PDF put out by Moog showing the K7211 ($50):


    One other "factoid" -> I searched the moog site for "CK7211" (the $61
    part) and found nothing...

    Federal-Mogul's e-cat site www.fme-cat.com shows an RK7211 and CK7211. Years ago there was only one MOOG part number K7211, but today they offer a standard grade RK7211 that is similar to the competitors you listed, ALL with plastic bearings. BUT the
    CK7211 is MOOG's problem solver with a ball joint that has a powdered metal "gusher" bearing that continually lubricates the stud and is much more durable than the others. It also includes a Belleville washer that acts like a spring, keeping the internal
    components tight even as the metal bearing experiences wear down the road. The CK7211 will stay tighter much longer than the others including the RK7211. Good luck.

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    Oh look honey! An angry, know-it-all! And we thought they were becoming extinct...

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