• 5W-20 motor oil???

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    On Friday, September 20, 2002 at 5:11:22 PM UTC-7, Jacob Newkirk wrote:
    Has anyone tried the new 5W-20 motor oil yet? I had the oil changed in the Mrs.' 99 Ford Contour yesterday and at this point can't tell a lot of difference yet, but I am sure time will tell.

    What I know about it is that Ford "developed" this grade of oil. I don't know what, if any, benefits exist with it but I plan to put it in my
    Sundance (both engine and manual transaxle) when I get it home.

    On another note, has anyone used 20W-50 in their 2.2/2.5 engine? I used it during the summer months in an old Cavalier (89 model, 160K miles) I had
    that leaked a quart every 200-300 miles, and it slowed the leak to a quart every 1,500-2,000 miles. Didn't keep the car into the winter, so couldn't tell you what it did then. Any ideas? Bad idea? Good idea? Help!

    JN <><

    This may be an old post but some might find my answer hopeful. Oil weight has other things about it.Indy cars use 5wt oil,It was explained that the oil carried heat away from the bearings better. I am considering 0-w20 for it's ability to flow in the
    winter.A lot of engine wear happens at startup.In the summer i would use 5w30 or whatever your new car manufacturer states.I prefer shorter oil changes since oil like motorcraft/Mobil 5000 is fairly cheap at wall mart,And i do mostly city driving and my
    engine barely gets warmed up.If i did a lot of highway driving i would use synthetic oil and a longer drain interval.Consider a better oil filter with synthetic media.Lighter weight oil may be a way to get better MPG.Ford would lose to much money if
    engines were going bad.Not to mention customer loyalty.

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