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    On 19 Nov 2019, Tom Enright <randorwell@gmail.com> posted some news:a3bcb01a-597a-41ab-b20a-b9c70f9fcb0a@googlegroups.com:

    On Tuesday, November 19, 2019 at 6:45:19 PM UTC-5, Tim VanWagoner wrote:
    Not electric cars Tom, just higher fuel economy standards.

    I agree that it is stupid, but disagree that it’s “whiny
    ”. I just
    question what the endpoint will be? If they want to punish one or
    two automakers, they can. But without the ability to set all fuel
    standards in the state, that punishment would be limited to trying
    setting a standard that all government fleet purchases can only come
    from companies that meet a standard. They can’t do that alone. A
    few other
    big states jump in and they could certainly do it.

    Just don’t think they should try it.

    If California stopped buying cars from companies because those companies could not meet the state's requirements, that's cool.

    If California stopped buying cars from companies because those companies agree with Trump on some issue, that's being a whiny bitch.

    IF former is true, CNN sucks for going out of the way to slap Trump.

    The originator of this thread and CNN both lack overall historical
    knowledge of the facts.

    It's an intentionally toothless threat.

    "Chrysler" and Toyota are both laughing, "Big whoop....so what". Go for
    it. Give it all you got.

    All the information below is publicly available for download and the
    vehicles listed have already survived multiple purchase boycott attempts
    by the shrieking nuts who fall from trees daily in this state.


    California has traditionally been a Ford customer first, MOPAR 2nd, Chevy, Nissan and others when the fancy strikes them.

    The CHP and most law enforcement departments drive Ford and Dodge
    vehicles. Ford has the larger share.

    Ford 57,946
    Chevy 36,112
    Dodge 19,566
    Dodge RAM 15,680
    BMW 500
    Chrysler 94
    Jeep 1,532
    Nissan 1,011
    GMC 6,927
    John Deere 5,418
    Sea Ray 20
    Buick Century 18
    Toyota 4,796
    Kia 62
    Hyundai 84
    Honda 3023
    Pontiac 589
    Caterpillar 1,255
    Kawasaki 715

    There are 210,772 line items in this spreadsheet.

    The way this boycott thing works is it goes in the crapper as soon as law enforcement or the politically connected, i.e. DWP place a requisition.

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