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    * Important Note * Chrysler generally refers to the full Chrysler = Corporation (Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Plymouth, DeSoto, Eagle, Simca, =
    Rootes Group, Sunbeam, Singer, Hillman, Humber, AMC, etc).

    The author and contributors assume no responsibility for errors or
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    Part 1 -
    Related Resources (groups, Web sites, recall/TSB info)
    Before You Post, Read This!
    Frequently Asked Chrysler/Mopar Questions
    Up and Coming
    The Newsgroup: charter, notes, rationale

    Part 2
    What should I do...
    1. ... before I post?
    2. ... if I have problems with Chrysler?
    3. ... if I own this car? (list of models and what to look =
    Oil Filter Discussion
    List of All Engines Since 1966
    1. Guide to V-8s
    List of All Body Styles Since 1966

    Part 3 (to be discontinued or changed)
    Engine Codes
    Classic Car Troubleshooting
    Reading codes without a scan tool
    (computer controlled, carbureted engines)
    Crankcase inlet air filter, 2.2/2.5 engines.

    Part 4: Discontinued
    Part 5: Discontinued
    Part 6: Discontinued

    ************************************************************************ BEFORE POSTING WITH COMPLAINTS/QUESTIONS

    1. Check the FAQ.

    2. Paranoia, overposting, and thoughtless posts are common.
    Show off your intelligence and maturity.

    3. Do not confuse Chrysler with your dealership,=20
    the zone office, or the guy who picks up the phone.

    4. If you are having problems with Chrysler or your dealer, read
    the relevant parts of the FAQ (1, 2) and the Web site.

    5. The natural inclination of people who have been mistreated is
    to respond to many posts. However, all companies sometimes make
    lemons or fail to treat customers well. Try to restrain anger.

    - Related Resources:
    http://www.allpar.com/ - massive owner/enthusiast site
    * Models, history, repair, performance info

    Phone Numbers
    1-800-992-1997 Chrysler Customer Service - USA
    1-800-465-2001 Chrysler Canada
    1-800-255-9877 adapting new vehicles for people w/disabilities.
    1-800-626-1523 Mopar catalog of manuals, videos, books (free)

    Other Resources

    Plymouth Owners Club (Plymouth & Fargo)
    203 Main St., Cavalier, North Dakota 58220
    Award winning magazine http://www.plymouthbulletin.com/
    WPC Restorers' Club (Walter P Chrysler Club)
    Also a good magazine!

    NCPC -- National Chrysler Products Club

    Chrysler Canada Customer Service:
    Chrysler Center, P.O. Box 1621
    Windsor, Ontario N9A 4H6

    Chrysler Europe NV
    Woluwedal 106-108, 1200 Brussels, Belgium - Europe

    Chrysler Employees Motorsports Assoc: http://www.cemaclub.org/=20

    Valiant-Dart-Duster-etc series, http://www.valiant.org/


    Chrysler was the first make in the rec.autos.makers.* hierarchy,=20
    and beat both GM and Ford to having a Big Seven newsgroup!
    The first request for discussion was filed by David Zatz on=20
    July 28, 1994.=20

    ************************************************************************ Thanks to Gene Fusco for the Mopar Mailing List's FAQ; thanks also to
    Lloyd R. Parker, Wayne Toy, Bohdan Bodnar, and Dan Stern.


    This is divided into corporate and car sections.


    1. What do FCA and DCX mean?

    DCX was DaimlerChrysler's stock symbol. DaimlerChrysler was created
    in 1998 as a "merger" between highly-profitable Chrysler and large=20=

    Daimler-Benz, AG. The move was disastrous for Chrysler, whose cash=20=

    reserves were spent on stakes in Mitsubishi and Hyundai. Product=20
    development was slashed every year starting in 2001. Market share =
    dramatically from 2001 to 2007 as retail sales plummeted; = incentives=20
    grew as public desirability of vehicles fell. (See #5)

    DaimlerChrysler was renamed Daimler in 2007, after Chrysler was =
    sold to=20
    Cerberus. In 2009, Chrysler Group LLC went into a controlled
    bankruptcy (see #2); its "good" assets were purchased by
    a new company majority-owned by a pension fund and controlled
    by Fiat SpA. In early 2014, the rest of Chrysler was purchased
    and Fiat renamed itself Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA). The=20
    change is not likely to measurably affect Chrysler's operations
    or investments in North America.

    2. What's the deal with the government bailout?

    Chrysler went into Chapter 11 bankruptcy and in a "fast track" =
    the U.S. and Canadian governments, and (via trading pension = obligations)
    the union VEBA, financed the creation of a new company which =
    most of Chrysler's core assets.=20

    Fiat was to get 35% of Chrysler in return for its technology. The = majority=20
    was owned by the VEBA in exchange for billions of dollars of
    unfunded pension and benefits obligations; the VEBA has no voting = rights.
    The U.S. and Canadian governments eventually sold their own shares =
    to Fiat.

    Fiat has provided some technologies, and its
    dimensions for compact and midsized cars, which are used by =
    as the basis for a wide range of vehicles. Fiat's platform = (dimensions)=20
    had been developed at great expense.

    Other key Fiat technologies are diesel engines,=20
    dual clutch automatics, and MultiAir, an air-activated variable=20
    valve lift and timing system that works on individual cylinders, =
    one at=20
    a time. It is more expensive than Chrysler's variable cam =
    technology but
    a little more effective. Chrysler also uses their 1.4 liter =

    The end result is a Chrysler which contributes
    large vehicle products and technologies to Fiat in return for =
    small car (and large van) products and technologies. This saved the=20=

    government billions of dollars in unemployment, prevented =
    supplier bankruptcies that would have knocked out Ford and GM, =
    the loss of a large part of America's manufacturing base, and =
    overall was
    a win-win given the alternative.=20
    Fiat has been open about its use of Chrysler technologies in the Fiat = Freemont
    and Lancia cars, and less open about adapting the Pentastar V6 block =
    and the Chrysler LX platform for Maserati. Dodge and Alfa Romeo worked = together on rear wheel drive cars but after pundits criticized Maserati =
    for using Chryslers as a base, FCA has retreated from sharing Chrysler = contributions to its upscale brands.

    Rebadged Chryslers sold by Fiat are/were the Fiat Freemont (Dodge = Journey),=20
    Lancia Thema (Chrysler 300), Lancia Voyager (Town & Country), and=20=

    Lancia Flavia (200). Chrysler sells an upgraded version of the Fiat=20=

    Ducato as the Ram ProMaster, with its own gasoline engine and = transmission; and it sells the Fiat Doblo as the ProMaster City.

    3. What is Chrysler's US customer service number? 800-992-1997

    4. What is Chrysler's e-mail address? =20

    Contact Chrysler via a Web form - see "contact us" on their=20
    brand web sites (e.g. dodge.com, chrysler.com, jeep.com).=20

    5. What about the merger / takeover back in 1998 that ended the old=20
    Chrysler Corporation?

    Chrysler execs got about $60 million in personal profit.
    Daimler bought Chrysler, doubling their profits, then
    reportedly siphoned off Chrysler profits via accounting=20
    tricks to make Mercedes look more profitable.
    Daimler spent Chrysler's $8-10 billion war chest.
    Only one Chrysler rep was left on the board from the original four.
    Plants were sold. Decontenting to fix Mercedes' losses became = noticeable.
    For the final outcome, see questions 1 and 2.

    6. What about building cars in China?
    See http://www.allpar.com/cars/concepts/dodge/china-car.html=20
    for the original Cerberus plan, which is dead now. Chrysler and
    Fiat will build cars in China and India - for sale within China and = India.=20
    Jeep was one of the first automakers to have a Chinese plant,=20=

    but it was taken by Mercedes during the DCX years.=20
    The China-car plan was replaced by the use of small Fiats.=20

    7. What's the deal with Chrysler and Mitsubishi?

    At one time Chrysler owned a large share of Mitsubishi and was =
    planning to
    buy the full company, the idea buying to take advantage of = Mitsubishi's=20
    small car prowess and manufacturing technologies. Some cars were = jointly
    developed, including Avenger/Sebring and Caliber. Chrylser lead
    both, though they used newer Mitsubishi basic platforms.
    Partnerships with Mitsubishi have ended completely.

    9. How reliable are Consumer Reports' ratings?

    See the discussion at http://www.allpar.com/cr.html

    10. How can I get help for problems Chrysler won't fix?

    See the discussion at http://www.allpar.com/trouble.html.
    Keep trying the Chrysler Customer Center. Know the TSBs.
    Visit http://www.nhtsa.gov ... keep trying and keep your cool.

    11. What's the deal with Chrysler Europe, Simca, and Talbot?

    Chrysler owned Simca and Rootes until the late 70s, but=20
    sales kept going up and down (usually down). Peugeot bought them=20
    and sold the Omni as the Talbot. They had Simca/Sunbeam engines=20
    (Lloyd Parker). The Centura sold in Australia was a Simca (Dan Stern).
    See http://www.allpar.com/world/ for many details.=20
    These cars and the former Rootes Group brands, such as Singer,=20
    Sunbeam, Hillman, and Humber, are covered by


    14. Should I use high octane gas?

    Only if your car was designed for it (see your owner's manual) or if=20=

    you've advanced the timing or your engine is knocking. According to=20=

    Chrysler and others, many high-octane gasolines have a low=20
    driveability index, which can cause long cold start times,=20
    warm-up sags, hesitations, and driveway die outs. Under the law,=20
    ALL gasolines sold in the US must meet certain standards for=20
    detergent; if you really need to "drive your engine clean" get a=20
    bottle of Techron or Mopar engine cleaner.

    Chrysler and Fiat turbo engines have all been designed to use =
    premium, as do
    SRT engines use premium. Most others run on regular. The 3.5 V6 and =
    5.7 Hemi run
    on midgrade.

    20. Is X good for my engine? (includes Slick50)

    The Toyota FAQ (Todd Haverstock) sez: "Independent labs as well
    as engine manufacturer Briggs and Stratton have rendered a=20
    verdict that Slick 50 and similar oil treatments are useless." =20
    The Gasoline FAQ says most gasoline additives are useless.
    Others have weighed in on that score, and DuPont sued to prevent=20
    Slick 50 from using Teflon (unsuccessfully).

    22. Did the first-gen Mini really use a modified Neon engine?

    Yes, it's a smaller version of the Neon engine designed for European
    Neons and a small Chrysler that never materialized (due to = Daimler-Benz). =20
    The factory was a joint venture with Rover. Ironically, Fiat bought = that
    plant and uses modified versions of the same engines.

    23. What does SOHC, SMPI, etc mean? What do I have?

    Note: Every modern Chrysler is SMPI / DIS

    * DIS means distributorless ignition system. No rotor!=20
    * SOHC and DOHC refer to the number of camshafts; one or two.
    * EFI means electronic fuel injection, such as the following:
    * TBI - throttle body injection; one or two injectors=20
    spray fuel into the air as it heads to the cylinders.=20
    * MPI uses one fuel injector for each cylinder. It sprays fuel in
    the intake manifold, firing at the intake valves. Smoother than
    TBI, with more power *and* better mileage.
    * SMPI is sequential multiple-point injection; the injector only
    fires when the fuel can go straight through the valve and into=20
    the cylinder instead of splashing onto a closed valve.=20
    * Direct injection sprays fuel directly into each cylinder.=20
    This is mainly used in diesel engines (thanks, Michael Turley!)
    The current system is coil on plug ignition which provides a separate =
    coil for=20
    each spark plug, located right on top of the plug, for control and =

    25. What kind of oil should I use?

    CHECK YOUR MANUAL. FCA makes manuals available on-line.=20

    Oil grade is very important for the Hemi due to its MDS.

    Most or all current FCA vehicles have an oil change computer that =
    tells when you should change the oil. However, you still need to make =
    sure to change it at the right calendar intervals, e.g. more than once a = year.

    26. What kind of engine do I have ???

    Raise the hood and check the emissions sticker. You can decode your
    vehicle ID number (VIN) using most car manuals. The emissions sticker=20=

    will tell you the displacement of the engine.
    See -> http://www.allpar.com/mopar/vin-decoder.html

    27. What is a Mopar? Do I have one?

    Mopar is slang for a Chrysler-produced car. Some extend it to AMCs =
    and Jeeps;=20
    some restrict it to
    high performance only. It is the name of Chrysler's parts division.
    Mopar stands for MOtor PARts. MoPar is a registered trademark.

    28. Which were the Diamond Star models?

    Diamond Star models are those built by the Diamond Star (DSM)
    plant in Illinois. This was a joint venture but is now 100%
    MMC. The Stealth, Colt, Sapparo, Ram 50, and FWD Challenger=20
    were re-badged Mitsubishis made in Japan. There are no current cars =
    by Chrysler from the Diamond Star plant for from Mitsubishi.

    29. What are the K-cars?

    Herb DaSilva:
    ... Chrysler used the components on the Aries/Reliant (K) in many of
    its other platforms. These platforms... share similar distance
    between the wheels on the same axle, and have the same suspension
    design. Most K variants can swap struts (H is an exception).
    K derivates include: Laser (pre-88)/Daytona (G), Shadow/Sundance
    (P), LeBaron/New Yorker (J), LeBaron sedan (pre-90)/Lancer
    (H), Dynasty/New Yorker/Imperial (C), Acclaim/Spirit/LeBaron sedan
    (AA). Each derivative has a different wheelbase and floor pan.
    First-generation minivans are also loosely based on the K.
    These cars are collectively referred to as EEKs.=20

    30. How do I find the fault codes stored in my engine computer?

    See Part 3 of this FAQ.

    32. How often should I change my trans fluid?

    Check your service manual. The severe service definition means that
    the vehicle is operated *primarily* in one of those conditions.=20

    See http://www.allpar.com/fix/trans.html

    Even some 3-speed transmissions are NOT compatible
    with Dexron - read your manual !!!=20
    Side note -> This was written when Dexron 3 was current.
    Dexron 6 may be good in Mopar transmissions. However, to be
    sure, use a Chrysler-approved fluid.=20

    34. What kind of gas should I use?

    Use the octane level your owner's manual recommends and the brand=20
    you have had good luck with. If your engine knocks adjust the timing.=20=

    35. No longer relevant; deleted.

    36. What about lemons?

    To quote the rec.autos FAQ -- every auto manufacturer has=20
    manufactured a lemon or two. Please don't waste everyone's time by=20
    announcing to the world that your `brand x' automobile is terrible, so
    all brand x automobiles are terrible, so no one should ever buy a
    car from the brand x company. Such articles are worse than
    useless, because they cause wasted bandwidth while carrying little
    or no useful information.

    37. Are K&N filters worth it?

    David Cooley reported on a magazine test of aftermarket air filters.
    The paper filters were respectable, but the K&N and Accell filters
    flowed almost 3 times as much air when dirty as clean paper filters
    of the same size. The K&N passed less particulate matter than the
    paper filter; as it got dirtier outside, they sprayed on a new coat
    of oil (without cleaning) and found it filtered even better.

    K&N filters change your engine sound, rarely need replacement,
    and flow better when dirty. Other than that, you may not notice much
    difference unless you have a high-efficiency exhaust and performance
    engine. There has been debate over the actual filtering ability of
    these filters; the power boost on TBI cars is negligible.=20
    So. . .probably not.

    38. Is there anything special I should do if I have ABS? [Legacy 1990s = question]

    Some sources recommend more frequent fluid changes, e.g. every 2-3 = years.
    Use only the brake fluid the car maker recommends! Fully
    depressurize the system before adding or changing brake fluids.
    The primary source of failure is dirt in the sensors, which can
    easily be cleaned.=20

    Note: in the 2010s, the answer is =E2=80=9Cno.=E2=80=9D

    39. What kind of transmission fluid should I use? Is Dexron OK?

    Use ONLY what it says in your owner's manual to use. Many Chrysler
    transmissions are NOT compatible with standard fluid! ATF+3=20
    is usually the best one to use with automatic transmissions before
    2001, ATF+4 after.

    THIS IS AN IMPORTANT and very misunderstood issue.=20
    You should really visit http://www.allpar.com/fix/trans.html if you = have
    a four-speed or five-speed Chrysler automatic. Even most three-speed
    automatics are required to use ATF+4.=20

    CHECK YOUR MANUAL because recent changes mean that the =
    for fluid may change, especially with the new dual clutch =
    eight-speeds, and nine-speeds.
    Dexron 6 may be OK but make sure it is approved by Chrysler if
    you expect them to honor your warranty. =20

    40. Are Chrysler transmissions still junk? [Legacy question]

    Not if you use the right transmission fluid. By the way,=20
    the 545 is actually based on the old, reliable 727.
    See #39 and Part 2 of the FAQ.=20

    42. Aren't Chryslers junk? / Did Mercedes improve Chrysler quality? =
    [Legacy question]

    Chrysler was working on quality before the takeover, yielding the=20
    PT Cruiser - which is beating the Honda Civic on quality=20
    surveys - and the Jeep Liberty, which is also doing very well. =
    has been making great strides in quality. Mercedes, if anything,
    damaged those efforts by emphasizing an "expert" approach rather =
    than a
    Toyota-style inclusive/participatory approach to quality.=20
    Look at Mercedes' quality reports, then at Chrysler's. Generally,=20
    Chrysler quality TROUNCES Mercedes. So how did Mercedes help?
    Update: since the Fiat takeover, Chrysler has been putting extensive
    resources into quality improvement. Along with most people we advise
    getting a car when it's well into its production cycle (e.g. six =
    after production starts) to take advantage of fast-feedback on early=20=

    cars (regardless of automaker). However, as time goes on, Chrysler = quality
    seems to be getting better and better.

    43. Engine sludge - what's the deal? [Legacy question]

    Early 2.7 liter engines in some models had a more than normal=20
    occurence of oil degredation resulting in a thick substance
    called "sludge" which can cause major engine damage. This problem
    also afflected some Toyotas, Hondas, and other makes. If you have a
    2.7 made before 2004, you may want to use synthetic oil (which can
    also lengthen your oil change intervals). This is rare but nasty.
    The problem appears to have been resolved as of 2005.
    Owners of cars with turbochargers should be careful about = "coking"=20
    of oil in the turbo unit. Two ways of dealing with that are =
    the car idle for a while before shutting the engine, if you =
    have been
    pushing the engine, and using synthetic oil, which is far more = resistant
    to "coking" and cuts wear to turbocharger bearings regardless.

    86. All other questions.

    Check the computer codes or replace the ballast resistor (if you have = one!).

    ******************* UP AND COMING ******************

    This section has been replaced by http://www.allpar.com/news/
    and http://www.allpar.com/model/upcoming.html

    *********************** NEWSGROUP CHARTER ***********
    (This section never changes. The newsgroup was created around 1994.)

    - The Newsgroup Rec.Autos.Makers.Chrysler -- CHARTER

    COVERAGE. Rec.autos.makers.chrysler was set up to cover issues related
    to cars and trucks made by Dodge, Plymouth, Chrysler, Fargo, DeSoto,
    Jeep, Eagle, and all other makes sold or marketed by Chrysler Corp.

    BEHAVIOR. Political comments and commercial advertising will be
    discouraged. However, *short* product announcements, preferably
    restricted to the name, availability, and a very brief description of
    the product's function (where applicable) are acceptable.

    Discussion of whether Chrysler products are of good or bad quality,
    lengthy comparisons to Hondas or other cars, and similar arguments and flamewars with no foreseeable conclusion are heavily discouraged. Participants are asked to be kind, considerate, and supportive, and to generally keep an open, warm atmosphere so that the function of this newsgroup may be maintained.

    RATIONALE. This group is proposed to help Chrysler (CC) vehicle owners
    to support each other, save money, and maximize enjoyment of their =

    As in rec.autos.vw, Chrysler owners need a forum where they feel
    unreservedly welcomed, and where they can obtain esoteric information
    from involved people with similar experiences and vehicles.

    This newsgroup should be general enough for those who know little about
    cars to get a broad range of information and advise from, while allowing those more into the products to exchange their views and advice.

    In a world dominated by GM, Ford, and VW (Europe) products, Chrysler
    owners often find discussions difficult. Most aftermarket parts and
    advice are for GM and Ford owners; knowledge about Chrysler is hard to
    find. The press don't cover CC as well as they could -- and CC's dissemination of information to the press and the public is poor.

    Chrysler products have quirks which most mechanics don't seem to be
    aware of, leading them to replace transmissions when the fault is in a
    20 cent vacuum hose, or to replace the engine computer instead of
    plugging in a hose or changing a sensor. Chryslers are often seen as
    ordinary American cars (unlike makes which many mechanics will admit
    they are not familiar with) -- but what will work on a GM or Ford will
    often not work on a Dodge. There is a vast ocean of experience in
    Chrysler products out on the Internet which may help owners to save
    time, money, and trouble.

    CC vehicles are common enough, yet idiosyncratic enough, to deserve
    their own place in the Net hierarchy -- just as Volkswagens are. In
    addition, it is important for CC vehicle owners to have a place to
    discuss the problems and benefits of ownership, to exchange detailed information and personal experiences, in a supportive and positive atmosphere. In short, I hope to develop a group as vibrant and helpful
    as the Mopar mailing list or the rec.autos.VW group have been, while
    making this group accessible to all Dodge, Plymouth, Jeep, Eagle, and Chrysler owners, even those who don't know what a Mopar is.

    FAQ maintained by David Zatz who works at http://www.toolpack.com/=20

    (end of FAQ part 1)

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