• Need cigarette lighter not to go off with the ignition switch!

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    On Sunday, October 7, 2012 at 6:55:40 PM UTC-5, cotton...@yahoo.com wrote:
    Is there a way to have the cigarette lighter supply voltage at all
    times, without splicing into a hot wire. I need to have the GPS
    recharge while the ignition is turned off. The vehicle is a 2004 Town
    and Country. Many thanks

    I used a couple of fuse taps or "add-a-circuit' devices as they are sometimes called. They are available for any of the different fuse types commonly used.

    The first one is inserted into a constantly powered fuse location and the second one is inserted in reverse configuration into the "cigarette" power outlet fuse location. Joining the output wires of the fuse taps completes the task.

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