• Introducing the new Ford Mustang Mach E - starting at $43,895

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    Well folks its finally here the electric mustang by Ford called the
    Ford Mustang Mach E. It starts at $43,895

    I think this is a big warning shot across Teslas Bow. Things are about
    to get a whole lot more interesting

    From AB

    Someone in web development at Ford goofed. A digital safe-cracker at MachEForum.com tinkered with potential URLs for Ford's Mustang Mach E
    site, and struck it rich. Our experience was that the link returns a
    404 error in some browsers, but not in others, and our browser worked.
    And no, we can't confirm that this is a genuine Ford web page with
    genuine facts and figures it certainly appears to be, but do take all
    we're about to relate from it with a grain of salt. All of the links
    on the landing page are dead, but a video of the new electric
    crossover and details on its five trim levels are there. That link
    will certainly die momentarily, so let's dig in.

    As to the looks, the Mustang Mach E which we'll call "Mach
    E" from now on is what we expected based the thinly camouflaged
    prototype recently spotted, right down to the lack of door handles. A
    looping vid on the landing page reveals the First Edition AWD model.
    There are sequential LED turn signals in front, above headlights
    partitioned by three vertical LED DRLs akin to the pattern on the Audi
    TT. Other than the Mustang badges on the front and the tailgate, the
    only other identifiers appear to be on the lower leading edge of the
    front doors. There's no Ford badge anywhere. Even the wheel center
    caps display Mustang graphics.

    A tinted panoramic roof fills the space overhead, over an interior
    playing up the minimalist possibilities. A traditional steering wheel
    gets controls on the spokes, and behind it, a 10.2-inch digital
    cluster. To the right of the steering wheel, what we'll guess is the
    start/stop button rests on the instrument panel. In the center of the
    dash resides a 15.5-inch, vertically-oriented rectangular touchscreen
    with some kind of dial-looking appendage at the bottom. For cargo,
    there's 29 cubic feet behind the second row, 59.6 cu-ft behind the
    first row and a front trunk with 4.8 cubic feet. Valuables shouldn't
    go in the frunk, however, Ford explaining it as "water-resistant,
    its washable and features a convenient drain, making it perfect for
    tailgating, camping and muddy gear-toting."

    The Mach E will come in these five trims, with estimated ranges and
    prices before destination, and before any federal and state discounts
    are applied:

    Select (230 miles): $43,895, available early 2021
    Premium (300 miles): $50,600, available late 2020
    California Route 1 (300 miles): $52,400, aviailable early 2021
    The limited-build First Edition (270 miles): $59,900, available late
    GT (235 miles): $60,500: available early 2021
    Standard features for all models include LED headlights and
    taillights, the side-door E-Latch and using a smartphone as a key,
    wireless phone charging, memory seats, navigation, Ford CoPilot 360
    and 360 Assist 2.0, and an eight-year, 100,000-mile warranty on the
    battery. The entry-level Select trim can't be ordered with the
    panoramic roof, and makes tech like memory seats, power folding
    mirrors, and foot-activated tailgate optional. The panoramic roof is
    an option on the performance-focused GT, as are Active Park Assist and
    the 360-degree camera that come standard on every other trim but
    Select. Leather isn't an option at any price the choices are either
    ActiveX on the Select and California Route 1, or Perforated ActiveX on
    the other three models.

    There are two batteries: SR, for standard range, and ER, for,
    naturally, extended range.

    The Select trim comes in either RWD or AWD, paired only with the
    Standard Range (SR) battery. Ford intends the trim to have around 255 horsepower in RWD and AWD guises. Torque figures will be around 306
    pound-feet for the RWD, 429 lb-ft for the AWD. Sitting on 18-inch,
    painted aluminum wheels, Acceleration to 60 mph is around mid-6
    seconds with RWD, mid-5 seconds for AWD. Range for the rear-driver is
    around an EPA-rated 230 miles, dropping to 210 miles with all-wheel

    The California Route 1 comes in RWD only and only with the ER
    battery. The targets are 282 hp and 306 lb-ft, giving it 27 hp more
    than the Select RWD. Estimated range is 300 miles. Sitting on a "magnetic-painted with sparkle silver" 18-inch wheel with a
    black aero cover, the 0-60 time should be about mid-6-seconds.

    The Premium trim presents the most choice, offering both powertrains
    and both batteries. The standard battery in RWD puts out 255 hp and
    doesn't list a torque figure, but we'll posit that it's the same 306
    lb-ft of torque as on the Select. The SR battery with AWD returns 255
    hp and 429 lb-ft. The ER battery in RWD makes 282 hp and 306 lb-ft, in
    AWD gets 333 hp and 429 lb-ft. As for estimated ranges, the figures

    SR RWD - 230 miles
    SR AWD - 210 miles
    ER RWD - 300 miles
    ER AWD - 270 miles
    Wheels on the Premium are 19-inch machined-face aluminum with high
    gloss black-painted pockets.

    The First Edition comes only in AWD and with the extended battery,
    gunning for 333 hp and 429 lb-ft and a 270-mile range. It gets the
    same wheels as the Premium trim, and a mid-5-second 0-60 target time.

    The GT trim's spec table doesn't list battery options, only that AWD
    is the sole drive option. With the GT on 20-inch cast aluminum wheels
    with an aero cover, Ford wants a 250-mile range and a 0-60 time under
    4 seconds.

    Don't take our word for this, though have a look at the spec tables
    in the gallery below and let the parsing begin.

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