• fastest fox, which? 87-93? which is the fastest?

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    On Monday, December 25, 2000 at 7:56:38 PM UTC-6, Ed Nicholson wrote:
    are we including Cobra Rs and Cobras or just regular GTs and LXs?

    if we are, then the 2000 5.4 Cobra R and the 95 5.8 Cobra R would be the quickest
    if not, then a 99-up 4.6 GT would be a bit quicker than the 87-88 non-MAF LX 5.0 I believe

    fast Ed N.

    95 T-Bird SC 5 spd. 1 of 574
    68 Cougar 289 EFI restomod
    former owner 87 LX hatch 5.0 13.98 @ 99.66 stock gears, exhaust and tires

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    i am speaking of 1/4th of a mile

    "Bill S." <bills2@optonline.net> wrote in message news:3A47EC4B.6206739A@optonline.net...
    You need to be more specific, are we speaking of

    1/8 mile
    1/4 mile
    Flying mile
    fastest road course lap(in which case which track)
    Top Speed


    Yours in Fords,

    Bill S.

    "[CheM]" wrote:


    what fox is the fastest?

    is it faster than 94-95 5.0's?

    96-98 4.6l?

    99-present 4.6l?

    Exactly what are the times and mph of the fastest fox cars?

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