• Value of 35th Anniversary Mustang GT

    From 99 Stang@21:1/5 to All on Wed Sep 30 23:18:00 2015
    replying to Frank S, 99 Stang wrote:
    I recently purchased an all original white with black top convertible limited edition automatic with 10k miles in August 2015. The owner was asking $17k
    and I purchased it for $11k as she needed the money. But I wouldn't have much trouble selling it for $15k or so. I took it to a car show this past weekend and several people wanted to talk about the car saying that they don't see
    many on the road anymore. Great car that should maintain this value long term and likely increase in value as time goes by as long as the mileage stays low.
    Hope you enjoy yours for years to come.

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