• Phoenix start

    From Dumas Walker@21:1/5 to All on Sun Apr 30 11:15:00 2017
    A few things I noticed about the start:

    - I thought they should have waved it off because the field was not in proper alignment. It probably would have prevented the T1/2 carnage but may have caused something else to happen.

    - Bordais and Marco were bumping and a little out of control even before the spin collected them both. They may have been on their way out regardless.

    - If Max does not like oval racing, he can leave. Granted, racing that fast
    on such a short oval does not give as much time for cars to pass before they are somewhere they cannot pass, but how many "boring/no-pass" street parades has Max not seen in his short time as a racer? I thought passing in the pits was what those kind of drivers like?

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  • From a425couple@21:1/5 to Dumas Walker on Sun Apr 30 12:00:59 2017
    "Dumas Walker" <dumas.walker@capitolcityonline.net> wrote in message ...
    A few things I noticed about the start:

    Interesting. Thanks for posting about it.
    I guess I care a lot less now, than I used to.
    I was not even aware it was this weekend.
    Hmmm, Google News is giving some headlines of
    20 hours ago. ???
    Guess, for whatever reason it was a Saturday race.

    4 races, 4 winners.
    "The car was phenomenal. It was an incredible day for the
    Menards Chevrolet. It's been a fun day. This is incredible.
    This is my best win. You need to be so strategic to win on an
    oval and today was the perfect day. I couldn't be any happier."



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