• UK F1 TV viewers fall to 12-year low

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    Fell by 5.1m to 21.8m.
    Worlwide viewers fell by 10m to 390m, the 6th successive season
    to see a fall.

    Do they get enough revenue from only being on (very aggressively
    defended) pay TV to make up for direct sponsors not being happy
    with the loss of audience?

    For what little it may be worth, In the USA both
    Indycar and NASCAR viewership is down.

    "The network released its final 2016 numbers on Wednesday -- they
    showed an average audience of 488,000 viewers for its 10 IndyCar
    races on NBCSN and CNBC as compared to an average of 507,000
    viewers from last year.
    Sep 22, 2016"

    "NASCAR suffers another season of major viewership declines
    2016By Matt Yoder on 11/22/2016
    The final race of the season tells only part of the story of NASCAR’s continued ratings freefall. NASCAR saw declines in 25 of 36 points-
    paying races this year according to Jayski’s television ratings site.
    Some of those drops can be attributed to rain delays and network
    switches, but it’s certainly an overall trend that continues to be
    very troubling." http://awfulannouncing.com/2016/nascar-suffers-another-season-of-major-viewership-declines.html

    With Brian France ruining things they are lucky to have any TV numbers Now the moron wants to silence the engine noise.

    All forms of racing are down with the exception of once a year dirt track events such as the Chili Bowl; The last three years the Chili Bowl on MavTV and out drew the portion of the 24 Hours of Daytona that aired on FOX.

    F1 will be lucky to get the TV contract he currently has when this one expires. There is little demand for the series in the US TV market.

    The Series Sponsorship fee for the Cup series has gone from $75 million a year to $50 million a year when that contract expired and now is down to $20 million a year with the new contract..

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    Am going to go out on a limb and say you are talking about sports car clubs. The powers that be are totally focused on the wrong things if their desire is to grow the sport in the US.

    The average Joe on the street could not give a damn about a race in France. Most motorsports fans care more about the drivers than the cars, but sports cars still promotes the cars first.

    They should have the Taylor boys on every TV and radio show they could but the boys are too concerned with texting stories about their toilets in their motor home over flowing. Waste of good promotional-able talent.

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