• Who is Dr. Lou Sell?

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    Thought SOME of you might enjoy this reprieve from the CART vs. IRL crap:

    Does anyone have information on this driver, who is/was a dentist from
    the Big Island and won one or two races during the Can-Am's final,
    forgotten seasons? I recall reading somewhere he had run some USAC
    Indycar road course races in 1968, driving for Dickie Smothers, and was seriously burned in one race.

    Thanks in advance,

    I was at the race when Dr Sell’s crashed.

    My Grandfather was in Riverside Community Hospital when the crash happened. That night when I went to visit POPPOP he told me about the race car driver in the room down the hall from him. I went down and introduced myself and from the day forward I visited my Grandfather and Dr Sell’s every night until they transferred Dr Sell
    He told me a story about him and the Smothers brother were sitting at a bar having a drink and Dick & Tommy were talking about getting into the Indy Car business.

    Dr. Sell’s was setting between them and the looked at each other and said who will we get to drive the car? That is how he got into Indy Cars, per the story.

    The next year the same race Dr. Sell’s was at Riverside and in an Indy Car.

    I have tried to get in touch with Dr. Sell’s a couple of times without success. Even wrote the Smothers Brothers with no response.

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    He was my next door neighbor in Fullerton CA from 1966 to 1971. His teammate was Dick Smothers. Us neighborhood kids though it was cool when he built his race cars in his garage.

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    In 1968 I was about 11 years old my brothers and I were camping on the beach in Mexico with my grandparents, we woke up one morning and there was this huge motorhome park next to us and it was Dick Smothers his family and his racing partner Dr. Lou Sell
    and his family For a whole week we got to ride their ATVs and motorcycles play with their kids cool vacation for a very impressive 11 year old and I still have a pencil drawing that Lou Sell's son Mike drew for me on June 22, 1968. It is a cruise ship
    that he named USS Queen Sherri it was docked in Paris. Very talented artist.

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