• Texas Rust Free ( GM Ford & Mopar) Sheet Metal parts (old list)

    From dan_staves@yahoo.ca@21:1/5 to Craig Fernandez on Fri Apr 29 17:24:05 2016
    On Tuesday, May 23, 1995 at 3:00:00 AM UTC-4, Craig Fernandez wrote:
    We can ship anywhere. If you are interested in anything on this list or
    if your project car is not listed email me and we will see what we can
    come up with for you. You can reach me at cfernan@metronet.com. Thanks
    for your time and interest in advance. Resonable pricing. All prices
    quoted are plus shipping.


    Doors (2 door) Unless other wise marked

    65 Barracuda L
    67 Camaro R&L
    70-81 Camaro R&L
    70 Challanger R
    69 Charger R
    73 Charger R&L
    68 Chev full size R
    65 Chevelle L
    66 Chevelle R
    70-72 Chevelle/Malibu R&L
    67 Cougar R
    67 Cutlass R&L
    68 Cutlass R&L
    70-72 Cutlass R&L
    71 Duster L
    65 El Camino R&L
    70 El Camino L
    64 Fairmont R&L
    68 Firebird R&L
    70-81 Firebird R&L
    69 Grand Prix R
    70 Grand Prix
    69 GTO R&L
    71 GTO L&R also fits Lemans/Tempest
    68 Lemans R&L
    70 Lemans R&L also fits GTO /Tempest
    70-72 Monte Carlo R&L
    65 Mustang R&L
    67 Mustang R&L
    69-72 Nova R&L also fits 71-72 Ventura II
    69 Road Runner R
    70-72 Skylark R&L
    69 Super Bee R
    65-66 T-Bird R
    69 Tempest R also fits GTO & Lemans
    68 Toronado R&L
    64-65 Valiant L
    66 Valiant R&L
    74-77 Vega/Astra R&L Sedan /Wagon
    73 VW Bug R&L

    Doors 78+

    80-85 Buick RWD full 4D ALL fits Oldsmobile full size also
    80-89 Cadillac full 4D ALL RWD only
    82-89 CavalierR R&L Sunbird/Skyhawk/Firenza/2000
    82-89 Cavalier 4D ALL Sunbird/Skyhawk/Firenza/2000
    81-87 Cutlass R&L fits Regal (GN) also
    81-87 Grand Prix R&L
    80-85 Oldsmobile 4D ALL fits Buick full size also
    78-80 Malabu R&L
    81-85 Monte Carlo R&L
    81-87 Regal R&L fits Cutlass also


    70-77 Camaro R&L
    78-81 Camaro R&L
    69 Chev (full size) R&L complete front clip
    70 Chev (full size) R&L complete front clip
    65 Chevelle R&L complete front clip
    71-72 Chevelle/Malibu R&L complete front clip
    70 El Camino R&L
    71-72 El Camino R&L complete front clip
    70-77 Firebird R&L
    78-81 Firebird R&L
    70-72 Monte Carlo R&L complete front clip
    64 Pontiac R&L complete front clip
    74 Vega/Astra R&L complete front clip
    70-72 Skylark R&L compelte front clip
    68-72 Nova R&L


    73-87 Chev Crew Cab rear R&L
    64 Chev P.U. R&L
    67-72 Chev P.U. R&L
    73-90 Chev Suburban Tail gate
    73-80 Dodge PU R&L
    73-77 El Camino Tail gate
    67-72 Ford P.U. R&L
    73-80 Ford P.U. R&L
    73-80 Ford PU Tail gate
    72-76 Rancharo Tail gate


    67-72 Chev PU Cab
    68-72 Chev PU Box 8 foot steel floor
    79-87 Chev PU Box 6' fleet side 1 gas filler
    72 Dodge PU Cab with doors
    73-80 Dodge PU Cab with doors
    67-72 Ford PU Cab with doors
    73-80 Ford PU Cab with doors


    77+ Pontiac Rear
    78+ Cutlass Rear 2&4 door
    78+ Regal Rear 2&4 door
    78+ Olds 88/98 Rear
    80+ Olds 88/98 Rear
    80+ Eldo Rear
    80+ Seville Rear
    80+ Deville Rear with or without extentions
    80+ Town Car Rear
    80+ Buick (LeSabre) Rear
    80+ Buick (Electra) Rear

    This is not a complete list. We do have access to some interior parts. Please note that all parts are used, take offs, not NOS. We also have
    access to a much larger seletion of parts from local yards. We will do
    our best to accomodate you.

    Thanks Craig Fernandez

    i am looking for a rust free 78 -83 malibu body with doors and a back bumper

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