• Got a ticket for "failure to keep right"! How should I fight it?

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    Mass cops are also morons. I saw one complete a traffic stop (on 495) and blatantly, without regard for the semi that was trucking up behind him, pulled right out. He didn't try to get up to speed and then enter. BUT, this is not about cops. I drive, frequently in the passing lane, when
    I am not passing cars, as it spreads out the cars, and eliminates me from having to monitor the car ahead as much. If that car ahead of me suddenly slows, I don't have to identify my escape route, I am already in it. I
    can see ticketing for obstructing traffic, but.... A thought, why do people think that they have to be in the driving lane unless they are actively passing? We have all seen the people who do 90 and swing between lanes,
    only going in the passing lane when passing a car, even though they were
    only in the driving lane for a few seconds. Know what I mean?


    Jon, you're the type of idiot that should get a ticket for "Failure to Keep Right".

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